{friday finds: hand painted bathroom & ranch guesthouse redo}

The creativity that I found on-line this past week was awe-inspiring. How do people come up with such creative ideas? A gallon of paint does that? Re-purposing a 150 year old prayer rail from an English church as a backsplash?

A reader of the blue hydrangea blog sent in these amazing bathroom photos. I’ll let the room speak for itself. There are just a few photos and I don’t want to spoil the fun.

Creative repurposing oozes from the owner of this ranch guesthouse in Abilene, which I found on Cote De Texas. Love the pinwheel quilt block on the floor and the old Texas deed documents that paper the walls in this bedroom. It’s all in the details.

Let Hirshfield’s staff share their expertise in helping you implement your own repurposing idea or DIY project.

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{happy anniversary NASA!}

In honor of NASA’s anniversary today, we would like to share with you some truly out-of-this-world design! These murals, from Brewster Home Fashions’ National Geographic Kids Collection showcase how you can bring the wonder and beauty of space into your kid’s room. Pique their interest in space with these designs and see where it takes them!

These murals and many others are found at most Hirshfield’s retail locations. The mural books still show deer and mountain sceneries, but there are so many more options available for children, teens, and adults. Good looking options.

{tinting paint: creating the perfect color}

Finding that perfect color of paint for your next project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think of the possibilities!

Shades of red can have a hint of orange to deep cranberry.  Blues can be anything from a cool turquoise to a deep navy.  There are even countless shades of white and cream!

But how does that range of color become reality? It’s all thanks to quality, professional tinting to take a base and turn it into something that can transform your home.

Kevin at Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing says it all starts with the tinting base. Hirshfield’s uses four types: White Base, Medium Base, Deep Base and Neutral Base. White Base will be used for the pastels and lighter colors that you’re looking for. Neutral Base is basically clear before the tinting process and is used for very dark or very bright colors.

Each base is designed to accept a certain amount of color. That makeup along with a pigment in the base helps the professionals at Hirshfield’s control the depth of color that ends up in the paint can you purchase.

Tinting is not something you want to try on your own.  The tinting equipment used right now is designed to make sure that each gallon of paint gets the same amount of colorant. Bases are also designed to have certain amounts of color mixed in. Those precise measurements ensure that the color is consistent and will give you the coverage you need for your room.

Summer science class visits Hirshfield's Paint Manufacturing

Painting is a stressful enough project as it is, it would be even worse to have your paint not cover well or take three times as long to dry!  So leave it to the professionals to get the tint right, so you can focus on grabbing those rollers and getting started!

{twin cities design scene shares the loft love}

One of the more popular searches on this blog is lofts. We have one posting, loft living tips, and it receives a fair amount of views. Realizing viewers would like to see more, lofts have been at the top of the “need to find” list for a while.

Last week, Jennie came to my rescue with a posting on a Minneapolis loft featured on Apartment Therapy. Twin Cities Design Scene will give you a proper introduction to this now famous loft.

Thanks to Jennie and Casey (owner of the loft) for allowing Hirshfield’s to share. Image from Apartment Therapy.

P.S. Hirshfield’s carries Benjamin Moore and Ralph Lauren paints.

{literise shades}

When you’re looking at how to dress up and cover your windows, the options can be endless.  One approach is to use blinds or shades as your window coverings to filter or even block out light.

Picture your favorite room, with lots of windows letting all that glorious light through. You don’t want those cords hanging all over the place!
The LiteRise cordless system is clean and uncluttered. You just push up to raise the blind or shade and pull down to lower it.  There are no cords to have hanging loose.

Duette Top-Down Bottom-Up with LiteRise

Country Woods with LiteRise

The cordless system is offered in several styles, from Duette Honeycomb Shades to wood blinds to the new Vignette®  Tiered Shade from Hunter Douglas.

Vignette Tiered with LiteRise

LiteRise shades are a great option if you have kids or pets in your home. A cordless system eliminates the risk of a child getting tangled in a hanging cord. According to the  CPSC, there are 120 reported fatalities and 113 injuries caused by corded window coverings since 1999.

Duette Duolite with LiteRise

Shannon Scarrella at the Roseville Hirshfield’s says the Vignette®  Tiered Shade is not only cordless, but it also has no exposed cords in the back to pose a safety risk. The truly cordless system has earned the Vignette®  Tiered Shade awards in both safety and design.

Vignette Tiered with LiteRise

Shannon says no matter which style of LiteRise shade you choose for your home just make sure you can reach your cordless LiteRise shades when they’re up!

{friday finds: thibaut’s damask resource volume 3}

Great looking wallpaper is what Thibaut is bringing to your home with the release of Damask Resource Volume 3. Thibaut is updating the look of their damasks with gold foil and cork peeking from the background, raised patterns, and heavy on the metallics. Perfect timing for the resurgence of all that is Victorian…with a 2010 twist. Enjoy the wonderful room settings that Thibaut always provides.

In London recently I saw wallcovering used in so many specialty shops, salons, and restaurants, that it made my heart sing. The English get “it” when it comes to wallcovering.

For additional eye candy from Damask Resource visit the Thibaut website. The new books should be available in our stores in a couple of weeks.

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Thank you for your patronage.

{update: china shepherdess}

Remember Amy, the blogger behind China Shepherdess who is redoing her 1950’s home in Minneapolis? Well, we are so happy and excited to be bringing you her first update! She has selected paint colors for her living room, and pending “eleventybillion degrees with 100% humidity” she will be tackling the project this weekend. Check out her most recent blog post here: http://www.chinashepherdess.com/2010/07/my-new-living-room-paint-colors.html

Good luck with the painting, Amy! We all look forward to seeing the end result!

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