{window treatments that warm a room}

Create a Cozy Home Vibe with Window Treatments

It’s the time of year in Minnesota that we aim for cozy – as in warm and cozy. When the temperatures plunge to the single digits (sometimes above zero, sometimes below), we Minnesotans seek ways to stay warm both physically and emotionally, and that extends to the confines of our homes. By adding warm colors and textures to our surroundings, we can feel warmer. And with window treatments, that even extends to the insulated materials that can literally keep the cold out and the heat in. So, here are our favorite ways that window treatments can warm a room in a Minnesota winter.  Read the rest of this entry »

{low and no VOC paints are perfect for winter projects}

Odor-free indoor painting solutions

So you decided to put off that indoor painting project for the winter, eh? You figure it’s a good use of your time when the temperature is 10-degrees outside, right? Well, that “great idea” for many new painters is perfect up until the first coat goes up and the scent of fresh paint fills your home and overwhelms you and your family. This can be a health risk for some, and for others, the odor can simply be a nuisance. Next time, remember, low and no VOC paints are perfect for winter projects.

Benjamin Moore paints

Courtesy Benjamin Moore

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{pvc-free window shades}

Window Treatment Wednesday: PVC-Free Window Shades

If you’re trying to keep chemicals out of your home or business, one item to consider is your window shades. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is used in a number of household products, including furniture, housewares, and a few particular styles of blinds, such as vinyl horizontal blinds, which are not sold at Hirshfield’s.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), even short-term exposure to high levels of PVC may lead to headaches or dizziness.

Hirshfield’s own Shannon Scarrella says that the roller shade industry has changed greatly since roller blinds that operate via a spring roller were common (those were vinyl). Now, many blackout roller shades are made out of polyester, although some are made out of blends that include a vinyl product.

For homeowners who are concerned about PVC exposure, there are a number of PVC-free window coverings. Scarrella’s favorite PVC-free window shade is the Alustra Woven Textures. “You have the appeal of a natural shade with some of the strength of a screen shade, without vinyl or PVC,” she says.

Scarrella warns homeowners that when it comes to faux wood, they are not all created equal—many of the faux woods on the market contain a form of PVC. However, Hunter Douglas has its own line of PVC-free faux woods called the Everwood collection.  These are made using a technology that’s exclusive to Hunter Douglas.

“If you’re looking for PVC-free products, you can also look at fabric treatments, such as roman shades, Silhouettes, or honeycomb shades-something made of a more pliable, natural material.”

roman shades

Courtesy of Horizons

Whether you’re concerned about PVC products or not, Hirshfield’s has a variety of window coverings, including PVC-free window shades, to fit your home and your style.

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

{what your windows say about you}

Window Treatment Wednesday: What Your Windows Say About You

“Personal style is not something that is just in the air. It is something you have and that you apply to yourself.” – Paloma Picasso

Our individual flair also permeates the atmosphere of homes—from furnishings to color.  Shannon Scarrella, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home, says that almost everything we put into our homes is a reflection of us, more so if a home is new construction. “If you move into a home that was built per someone else’s specifications, the finishes and selections may not be 100 percent you,” says Scarrella. “By adding custom window treatments, you can control the look that you want to achieve.”

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{fall 2013 junk bonanza}


The Fall 2013 Junk Bonanza countdown has begun!

This time next Thursday, Hirshfield’s will be at Canterbury Park peddling “junk enhancing” products to junk enthusiasts from all over the North American continent. How lucky are we to be hangin’ with kindred spirits for three fun-packed days? Thousands of people who “get it” when it comes to curbside finds, and the joy a piece of peeling, corrugated metal brings. Can I get an “Amen?”

Junk Bonanza highlights:

  • With 150 vendors, JB is expanding and moving on up to the second floor
  • On-going Cottage Paint demos and “formal” classes at 10:00 and 1:00
  • Flea Market Style magazine signings
  • Lucky Friday (September 27)  Junk Bonanza vendors give away coupons worth $25 or more for use in the vendors’ booths
  • The Art of Junk Contest
  • Ki Nassauer Shop
  • Inspiration overload from the incredibly talented vendors
  • Junk Bonanza general information
  • You can check out JB activities right here

At the Hirshfield’s booth you’ll find:

Cottage Paint –  56 colors available in 8oz. containers. Cottage Paint is a “chalk” style, dead-flat decorative paint finish used to bring new life to old pieces of furniture. Also, glazes, waxes, stencils and brushes.

 Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint – forget the black chalkboards. Choose from one of 3,000 awesome chalkboard paint colors available.

Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallics™ – a high-gloss, hammered-metal finish available in six ready-mixed colors. Molten Metallics™ is a great complement on the Mid Century Modern pieces.


Looking for Early Bird Tickets? Enter the Hirshfield’s Pinterest Contest for a chance to win a pair of Early Bird Tickets – it’s an easy-peasy contest and your chances of winning are excellent! You have until Monday, September 23 at 3:00 p.m. CST to enter.

Fall Junk Bonanza hours:

Thursday, September 26th: 10 am to 5 pm
Friday, September 27th: 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday, September 28th: 9 am to 5 pm

Rain, Snow or Shine (Bonanza is an indoor event)

{bits & pieces: Oronoco Gold Rush Days}


It’s time to start your training for Junk Bonanza! Gold Rush Days in Oronoco, Mn, is the perfect venue to hone your junking strategies.

The show runs August 16-18, 2013, with 400 vendors offering up their wares. Details for the three-day event can be found here.  It looks like a well run show, staffed by Oronoco volunteers, with after-expense proceeds going to local not-for-profit groups. A great excuse to get out of the city for a day…for those of us who don’t have cabins.


Along with all the visiting vendors you’ll find Ki Nassauer and her Junk Bonanza gang on the main pathway at A015 and A022. Check out the Junk Bonanza Blog for the who, what, where and when. Stop by and enter your name in the drawing for Early Bird Junk Bonanza tickets.


HIRSHFIELD’S IS GOING TO BE THERE! Hirshfield’s is so excited to have an hour under the “Big Top” on Saturday at 11:00. Drew (Hirshfield’s Plaster Center) is demonstrating Cottage Paint. If you’re not familiar with Cottage Paint it is a clay-based paint, requiring no sanding, or priming, just a clean surface. Old furniture and Cottage Paint make for a colorful and happy union.

Time to round up your friends and plan your trip to Oronoco. I hope you find all sorts of goodies you have to sneak into the house.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Hirshfield’s will be at Junk Bonanza in September (26-28). We can’t wait!

{bits & pieces: lark nest design show-and-tell}


Kim, from Lark Nest Design, posted one of her lovely furniture makeovers which I want to share with you. She started out with a thrift store find. Note the very cool circle detail on the arms.


 She used Slate and Bimini from our Cottage Paint line, paired with a gorgeous fabric. It turned out so good-looking, it was scooped up immediately. It’s living the good life in Ohio! Here’s the link to all the details on the Lark Nest Design blog.


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