{friday finds: extra 10% off Hunter Douglas}

hunter douglas window treatment

 I don’t like promoting sales on Friday Finds, but I feel it’s in your best interest to remind you about Hirshfield’s Hunter Douglas Sale.

Save an additional 10% on Hunter Douglas window treatments and take advantage of 2013 pricing when you place your order by March 31, 2014. New price increases on Hunter Douglas products go into effect April 1, 2014.

Plus, select Hunter Douglas energy-efficient products qualify for the Energy Smart Rebates of $25 or $50 off per unit. Click here for details on the Hunter Douglas sale and see the additional window treatments on sale.

Hirshfield’s window treatment experts will wow you with their window treatment IQ and competitive pricing. I’ve said it before, they know all the questions to ask and they know so much about the products. They’re amazing. Stop by one of our 15 showrooms or set up an appointment with Shop at Home.

Have a glorious weekend!

P.S. Bachman’s 2014 Spring Ideas House opened yesterday…”Aegean Oasis” is this season’s theme. Additional information can be found right here.

{window treatment wednesday: solar shades}

Maintain views with screen shades.

We Midwesterners love our views. Whether we’re admiring nature—lakes, trees, wetlands, streams or fields, or skylines, we appreciate and want to maximize those beautiful vistas. But we also need the features of window treatments, which provide protection from the sun’s glare and help insulate our spaces. One option that can maintain views and keep out the sun is solar shade window treatments, also called screen shades.

“In Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, we have such beautiful views, we want to be able to maintain those views throughout the year,” says Shannon Scarrella, a Minneapolis window coverings expert at Hirshfield’s. “Screen shades offer a variety of openness percentages that allow us to select the best option for our room. While they’re not created for privacy, depending on what openness is selected dictates how much ‘privacy’ we can expect to receive.”

Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: should you keep your shades open in winter?}

To Open or Not to Open? That is the Question.

Window frost

When Arctic air descends upon Minnesota—or, even worse, a polar vortex—it’s all you can do to stay warm when you venture outdoors. It can be hard on your furnace to keep your house comfortable indoors, too. You want to maximize the extra energy efficiency your window treatments may provide, but then you have another concern. When you keep shades closed moisture may become trapped, increasing condensation on your windows. What’s the best way to keep your window treatments insulating your home without putting your interior finish at risk for moisture-related damage? Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: creating a hypoallergenic environment}


Palm Beach ™ polysatin shutter repels dust!

Window Treatment Wednesday: Creating a Hypoallergenic Environment

Just a few years ago I developed seasonal allergies. What a pain—the itchy eyes, stuffiness, blowing nose—not fun to deal with. I never thought about how my window treatments could make my allergies worse or better until I heard about the topic from Minneapolis window coverings expert Shannon Scarrella.

Shannon explained that because mold and dust are some of the worst allergens in our homes, the right window treatment can make a big difference. Although any material can attract dust, products that are easier to clean are your best bet if you have allergies. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: Hunter Douglas window fashions}

Hunter Douglas blinds and shades on special.

Hunter Douglas blinds and shades.Invest in the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season: Hunter Douglas window fashions! Get a $100 rebate plus double your rebate or receive free installation on Hunter Douglas blinds and shades through Oct. 15!

Benefits of Hunter Douglas Products

  • Hunter Douglas products are beautiful, but that’s not all. Many are specially designed to transform the light in any room from harsh and unyielding to soft and diffused with a warm glow.
  • Masterfully engineered, they are a game changer – they can help alter the mood of a room and even moderate the temperature and sound level. Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday}


hunterbeatthe copy

saveextra10 copy

I think that pretty much sums it up! If you’re thinking about purchasing window treatments, you have until April 2, to take advantage of 2012 prices. Hunter Douglas is also offering Energy Smart rebates on the following window coverings:

  • Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades
  • Silhouette Window Shades
  • Vignette Modern Roman Shades

What a perfect time to take advantage of these great offers. Give us the opportunity to quote you a price; our customers tell us our prices are less than those buying club superstores. Walk. Do not run. However, hurry on in before April 2, 2013. The selection of product and color choices from Hunter Douglas are fabulous! You’ll be ready with a new outlook for a wonderful spring!


{window treatment wednesday}

House of Turquoise is an excellent resource for inspiration. Whether you want ideas for paint colors or just want to see what other people are doing in their homes, House of Turquoise is a site to check out. Erin works very hard at curating all that is turquoise, and the majority of what you see on her site is the result of Erin’s hard work. She finds all those lovely homes to share with her thousands of readers.

I chose some window treatment photos from her site, and asked Shannon Scarrella (Manager of Hirshfield’s Shop at Home) to share her window treatment expertise. It’s all in the details.

House of Turquoise

A great picture to show the effects of layering. Hardwood shutters, while they provide a handsome look with nice privacy, the top treatments and draperies softened the feel.  The tassel fringe breaks up the linear lines of the shutters and the stripes in the drapery fabric.

House of Turquoise

The roman shades on the doors provide privacy when lowered and the valance provides uniformity, when the function of a shade isn’t needed. In this case, the custom roman shades and valance bring in the needed pattern and color to a neutral kitchen.


House of Turquoise

This is one lucky girl! The honeycomb shades are neutral, to disappear, but also providing privacy and light control when needed. The drapery panels, tie backs, and trimmings give the room a classic feel. The layering of pattern, texture, and color help to keep the room age appropriate and fun.


House of Turquoise

Custom Shutters with Pinch Pleat Draperies provide a clean backdrop to the teal and green table combination. The pleating on the draperies helps to add fullness and depth to the neutral drapes.


House of Turquoise

My favorite! Upon first glance this appears to be teal drapes, but look closer…..it’s actually a sheer with a soft stripe over a teal colored fabric. The header at the top is sewn to create the illusion of one piece, when it’s actually two materials sewn together. The layering of the sheer over the top softens the fabric underneath and the stripe in the sheer adds another dimension. The fluted detail in the rod mimics the custom molding beautifully, while the metallic matte finish compliments the accessories in the room.


House of Turquoise

More shutters with side panels….must be a trend! The white on white provides a classic, clean look, while the darker rods pay respect to the other furniture pieces in the room. 

July 2012 938 copy_thumb

House of Turquoise

People see our windows from the outside too. The chevron patterned fabric is attached to the rod with rings and clips; this allows the soft fold and less serious look to them. They are outside after all. The fabric framed windows also make a great backdrop for the skirted bar or buffet.


House of Turquoise

Natural Roman Shade with blackout lining and coordinated cotton edge banding gives the bathroom something more organic, yet structured. The color of the shade ties the color of the bedding into the bathroom.
Wasn’t that a treat? It’s like looking into houses on your nightly walk, without having to worry about being busted.

Here’s a link for more information on Hirshfield’s Shop at Home Division. And to see what’s on sale in the window treatment world at Hirshfield’s, you can click right here!

Erin also runs the shopping blog, Everything Turquoise, jammed packed with turquoise goodies for sale. We’re very proud of our Minnesota girl.


{window treatment wednesday…it’s a sale}

tt copy

There’s a lot going on at Hirshfield’s when it comes to window treatments: price points for every budget, quality products (Hunter Douglas always wins awards for product design and technology), and this month, a fantastic selection of window treatment sales.

  • Free installation offer* ends Tuesday, March 12, 2013
  • Free Top-Down Bottom-Up on Natural Shades and Roman Shades from the Premier Collection thru March 30, 2013
  • An additional 25% off on select wood blinds – Classicwood and Durawood thru March 30, 2013
  • An additional 25% off on Sienna honeycomb window treatments thru March 30, 2013
  • Free cordless promotion on Premier Collection honeycomb standard shade thru March 30, 2013
  • Mail-in rebates of $25 on Duette® Architella® Honeycomb or $50 mail-in rebate on Silhouette® Window Shades and Vignette® Modern Roman Shades thru April 2, 2013

If you don’t know what your options are for window treatments, shopping for them can be overwhelming. Our window treatment experts will help you sort through all the products, options, and sales offerings. They will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. We want your business. Give us an opportunity to quote you a price. Hirshfield’s knowledgeable staff  have the highest “window treatment IQ” in the world! (Can I say that?)

*Minimum Order of $500. Any order under $500 is a $55 install
Ask our staff for details on the exclusions

{window treatment wednesday}

Averté knob option

Don’t know how to cover those large windows or patio doors? We are all very familiar with vertical blinds. You know those 3” wide fabric or vinyl strips that hang from a metal track. While they are very practical for these applications, they have been on the market a very long time. There are many new products that have been introduced the past few years that work great for those large windows, patio doors or even as room dividers.

Averté treatment by Dawn Feda

Averté is like a drapery for a patio door or large window. But unlike a drapery, this isn’t made with fabric. An Averté is made up of natural materials like grasses, reeds and bamboos. The uniqueness of these materials provides something very different than what we are used to seeing on large windows.  The track is grooved and allows small wheeled carriers to slide back and forth.  These small wheels allow you to operate the Averté quickly and effortlessly with your hand. There are no draw cords on the Averté. Combine this with a decorative wood track and the look is truly one of a kind. Averté is available at select Hirshfield’s  locations. To see one on display, visit Hirshfield’s Lakeville.

Skyline® Gliding Panels

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Skyline® Gliding Panels
Skyline® Gliding Panels from Hunter Douglas offer clean lines and a contemporary look. They allow for 11 ½” Panels or 17” Panels. The headrail system allows for panels to stack to one side, or split stack off the window. With over 187 color and fabric combinations available, there are plenty of fabrics to select from. The fabrics range from sheers to screens, textures to opaque. The Skyline® Gliding Panel fabrics also offer options in roller shades for coordinating the look of a room.

Sienna with Long-Vue

Sienna with Long-Vue
There are many names for this type of treatment, but in short it is a honeycomb shade done vertically. The honeycomb fabric is placed between two rails that slide along a track.  There are no exposed cords and you get all the energy efficient benefits of a honeycomb shade. Even better…when the Long-Vue is stacked open to one side, the stack is approximately 6 ½.

Vignette™ Traversed with Vertiglide™

Vignette™ Traversed with Vertiglide™
This is a newer concept on the market from Hunter Douglas. Hunter took their ever popular Vignette Roman Shade and created a vertical application…the Vignette™ Traversed with Vertiglide™. By doing this, they offer the soft fold of a fabric with a mechanism built for large windows. With 11 fabrics and 75 fabric and color combinations, there is a nice selection to choose from; it also comes standard with a fabric-covered headrail and side rails.

So next time you are thinking of covering those large windows, know there is more out there than a “vertical.”

Shop at Home 651-366-6969

Guest post by Shannon Scarrella, manager of  Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

{window treatment wednesday}

HELP! What to do with these windows?

A customer (me) needs some window treatment advice for her family room windows. This room was painted just about a year ago (Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10/ Acadia White AC-41) and I still haven’t figured out the windows. I keep thinking I’ll get to the store with my photos to discuss my options, but that hasn’t happened. So here goes.

Currently, I have Duette shades on my windows and I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the privacy they have offered all these years. My house sits very close to the street and the opaque Duette shades have prevented the Galdys Kravitzs’ from seeing into my home. I had a valance on the windows, but it’s not going back up.

My thought is I’d like to have some sort of woven wood shades. I like the added texture a natural shading brings to the party and I feel it will play nicely with the gray wall color. The room also has hardwood floors and carpet, and I’m hoping a bamboo, grass or reed shade will help tie in the different flooring colors.

Here are some questions I have:

Can I put up natural shades and also leave up the Duette shades for privacy in the evening?  Will they be able to function separately and will there be room?

If I can’t leave up the Duette shades would you suggest an inside or outside mount? I have approximately an 1 1/2″ for an inside mount.

Do any of the natural woven shades offer a privacy backing?

Will my windows look bare without a valance?

I’m looking forward to the recommendations by my very knowledgeable Hirshfield’s co-workers. I’m confident they will point me in the right direction and I’ll find the perfect window treatment which will meet my needs.

The impetus for finishing this project? Next on my list is a new coat of paint for my bedroom, which means the stained baseboards need to come off and replaced with the new and improved painted baseboard trim. I’m slowly (three years in) switching out the trim in my home. Home improvement? It’s a vicious cycle, but we all love it. Don’t we?


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