{window treatment wednesday: how to add privacy}

Add privacy to your home by using window treatments.

Your home is a place of solace and safety. You should feel secure in the privacy it provides. Shannon, the Hirshfield’s Shop at Home resident window treatment expert, shares tips on how to select these window treatments that will add to the privacy of your home.

Window Treatments for Privacy

Window treatments in a bathroom are a necessity, but the great thing is that they can be functional and good looking at the same time.  Most bathrooms typically have one window (above a tub or somewhere at the end of the long bathroom by the toilet). When I think of bathrooms, I think of wood tones, natural stones and a relatively neutral space.  There is typically a lot going on in a bathroom with vanities, toilets, flooring, showers, etc.  We try to create the walls as though they belong without breaking the space up more.  This leaves us to create a more dramatic window treatment.

Roman Shades in a bathroom are a perfect solution.  The liner allows for privacy and then we can be bold or graphic on the fabric.  With an outside mount Roman Shade you can create the illusion of a larger window, but installing it higher and wider than the actual window.  If pattern is too much, go for a neutral that complements your décor, but adds an element of texture or depth to the color.   

Shutters are another nice alternative for bathroom windows.  The Palm Beach shutter from Hunter Douglas will be able to handle moisture.  It also allows for different tilt configurations, allowing you to adjust the vanes for what ever privacy level you are needing at that moment.

The scale of window treatments are starting to change…still going larger.  Hunter Douglas recently came out with the Solera Soft Shades.  It combines some of the features of a cellular shade with a look more comparable to a Roman Shade.  These shades offer a beautiful light filtering option that allow the sun light to filter in, but keeping privacy when needed.

There are different types of privacy levels that people want when it comes to their bathroom.  Some are OK with seeing shadows, while others want full privacy.  If you have concern and want full privacy, a room darkening option may be your best bet.  Many products will come with room darkening and a top-down bottom-up design.  This is the best of both worlds.  You can keep the bottom half of the window covered for privacy and then lower the top down to allow natural light to come through.

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