Astrid Astrid: I live in Eden Prairie with my husband and three children. Between raising a family and working part-time, I love to cook for friends, hang out with the kids and do fun home decorating projects.


Diane: I live in Eden Prairie with my husband George, our three sons Peter, Will, and Jack, and our new puppy Beretta. I have worked in the marketing and communications fields for nearly 30 years, and love to share my passions and experiences with others.

Ed HeadshotEd – I’m the owner of StoryTeller Media & Communications, a public relations agency based in Bloomington, Minn., that represents Hirshfield’s. I’m also a homeowner – and familiar with do-it-yourself projects like painting.


jen_elmquistCUJen: I’m a marriage and family therapist and a mom to two kids and an Australian Shepherd.


Darryl F.: I’m the technical director at Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing plant in Minneapolis

Jeff L.: I work in Hirshfield’s marketing department.

Kelsey HeadshotKelsey: I’m an associate account executive at StoryTeller Media & Communications, a public relations agency in Bloomington, Minn., that represents Hirshfield’s.


Kathy Basil: I’m the manager of Hirshfield’s Design Resource showroom and an expert on design trends.



Shannon Scarrella: I’m manager of window treatments for Hirshfield’s Shop at Home Division and an expert on window fashions.

Mark: I provide color consultations for residential and commercial customers.

Marsha: I work in Hirshfield’s marketing department.

Sarah Beckman PhotoSarah: I’m a blogger, writer, speaker, avid traveler, golfer, scrapbooker, sailor, business owner and a mother of three.


6 Responses to “Authors”

  1. Kathy Perilloux Says:

    Hi Ed,
    Yesterday I spoke to Tech Support for XIM Peel Bond.
    Tody, I am googling around to find feedback on XIM Peel Bond from actual hands on customers. Not much, I’ve found so far.
    I’m in the middle of painting my house with the help of volunteers from my church. “I Am Blessed!”
    However, there are issues with proper/adequate prepping.
    I read your article and I have to let you know that from my perspective of hands on application and after the fact….
    XIM Peel Bond does not and will not glue down loose paint.
    (Prepping is the hardest part of the job, duh.)
    This is what I have learned; if you can take a ‘real’ quality paint scraper and butt it up against the edge of the paint and it chips, you have more scraping to do. Anything that can be scraped off must be scraped off. Then nail heads deep holes, deep cracks, must be filled with a quality wood putty first. Sanding of old houses where the wood grain was lifted during preasure washing must be sanded and filled if needed. Even a light sanding will help with primer adhesion and minimize the high edges of paint to wood transitions. Removing all old caulk, leaving the space under each piece of siding open to breath is of utmost importance(it will cause blistering and peeling due to trapped humidity).
    This is where I am going from here after one coat of XIM Peel Bond and one coat of paint:
    1. I am sanding down raised areas(less than 10% of area) and HIGHLY noticable transition areas. Scraping the remaining(many) flakes.
    2. Puttying w/Crawford’s all nail heads, large cracks, huge/obvious gouges, and deeply ‘blasted’ areas by preasure washer(just a few).
    3. Removing old caulk under new caulk and removing ‘gunk’ under the siding edges to allow breathing and Caulking correctly.
    4. Spot prime over all of the puttied and exposed areas.
    5. Apply a complete thick coat of XIM Peel Bond
    6. Apply two coats of paint

    I repeat, “I Am Blessed”, I could have never accomplished this on my own. They really worked so very hard; just wish the had worked ‘smarter’, ‘read the directions’, and ‘listened’.

    However if ‘real’ scrapers(not putty knives) were used and all flaking/loose paint had been removed, and the puttying was done ‘before’ it would have made a HUGE difference.
    Now, it is much harder to scrape and sand through new paint, yet it must be done.
    I think XIM Peel Bond will produce a beautiful job, eventually.

    Another example of ‘men do not read the instructions’ or ‘take direction from women’,….. LOL, sort-a.

    Dan, in Tech Support at XIM Peel Bond 1800-262-8469 was most helpful and helped me work through all my issues.
    I do have one more question:
    “What is the difference between the Primer and Trim Primer?”

    I hope this will help you advise others. If you want progress pics I can supply them to you.


  2. Ron Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    While it is true that XIM Peel Bond will not “glue down” loose paint it does help fill and stabilize paint that has minor cracks and imperfections. And it always helps to have the proper tools to do the job. In this case a proper scraper. I would like to answer your question about primers but I am not sure I understand it. “What is the difference between the Primer and Trim Primer?” A good quality primer such as our own Hirshfields brand (and other high quality brands) can be used on both siding and trim. So generally speaking they are the same product.

    Ron Clarin
    Store Manager – Hirshfields Roseville

  3. Ron Says:

    As I though about your question further it occured to me that you may be asking about the difference between the actual Peel Bond primer and their product called “Trim Magic”. This was a product specifically designed to be used on trim that was scraped leaving areas that are uneven with ridges. The difference in general has to do with the quality and thickness of the product. The “Trim Magic” will fill these voids much better than the actual Peel Bond. For more information go to their website at:


  4. Pamela Robeson Says:

    What is the paint color called that was used in the victorian era green kitchen. Love it.

  5. Kristina Says:

    I did most of my house in Abalone. Now I am decorating and really struggling with coordinating rugs and curtains. I’d like to keep these items neutral and then accent with teal and blues but every rug I’ve tried looks yellow and makes the walls look more purple….Please help!!!

  6. Londe Says:

    Hello, I noticed you are using my photograph without permission or giving proper credit. Your caption says black door.
    Please adjust accordingly.
    Thank you

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