{how to decorate with pastels}

Friday Finds:  Playing with Pastels

Nothing says spring quite like pastels. The pretty, pale colors of Easter eggs and children’s bedrooms are now on trend for all of us. Pastels are all grown up, with new hues and eye-catching color combinations.

Trending combination of color according to @pantonecolor: Wan blue, pale peach and tender yellow

Images from the September issue of Goodhomes Magazine. Photography by Max Attenborough

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{what color should i paint my room?}

Benjamin Moore’s Design by What Matters Inspires Color Selection

You’re painting a room in your house and you’re not sure what color or colors you should use. You’ve read magazines, spent hours on Pinterest, friends and relatives have opinions and your head is swirling. You’re stuck. So you head to the paint store to ask the experts, “what color should I paint my room?” The question is impossible, because paint color is so personal, even emotional. You ultimately take home some paint chips to imagine what they might look like in your space. This too is a dicey proposition. Maybe the actual color looks terrific splashed up on your walls, maybe it’s a nightmare. Well, painter, the folks at Benjamin Moore have made it easier with a new online personality quiz designed to help you pick colors that agree with your preferences and lifestyle.

Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

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{home office inspiration}

Friday Finds: Be Inspired by Color in Your Home Office

With telecommuting on the rise and more Americans working from home, either for their workday schedule or in addition to their office hours, it’s time to take another look at the home office.

Ideally, your home office should be a place where you can settle in, focus on the work at hand, but also have aesthetics that you enjoy. When it comes to home office décor, you have amazing paint options that can add pizzazz and visual interest.

Wall color is Electric Blue 2061-40 by Benjamin Moore | Emily Ruddo Interior Design


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{thinking about painting your home’s exterior}

Friday Finds

There’s a home in my neighborhood with a beautiful, new exterior paint job. A fresh coat of paint totally transformed the look of their home, but the paint color they picked looks so bad with their brickwork it hurts my eyes. I want to ask them, “what were you thinking when you picked out that color?” This 2012 blog post replay shows what you need to think about before you pick a paint color for your home’s exterior.

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Hirshfield’s can help! Showing a little TLC to your home’s exterior can go a long way in upping its curb appeal and resale value. However, choosing the right paint color for your home’s exterior can be a daunting task. Lighting, landscaping and personal style are all factors that should go into your exterior color decision.

If you are looking for some advice or guidance when it comes to choosing an exterior paint color for your home, let the color experts at Hirshfield’s help! Hirshfield’s will send out one of their color professionals to help you choose the right exterior color for your home. Kathy Basil, one of these experts, specializes in choosing the right combination of colors to suit your home’s needs.

To see what actually happens on a Hirshfield’s exterior color call, check out this video:

If you are interested in scheduling an exterior color call with Hirshfield’s, click here to make an appointment.

Hirshfield’s retail stores can help with color advice when a color call isn’t part of your game plan. Our sales people have a few pointers for you before you make your first trip to the store:

  • Bring in a few shingles if you have them.
  • Do you have stone or brick on your home? Samples or photos of your home are helpful.
  • Drive around and find houses you like. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; ask the homeowners for the paint colors they used or take some photos.
  • Get inspiration and ideas from the HOUZZ website.

Painting the exterior of your home is a big investment and Hirshfield’s color experts can help you get it right the first time.


{decorating with pink and red}

Valentine’s Day Inspired Rooms

Valentine’s Day is coming near, and ‘tis the season to see red, pink and white wherever you turn. Yes, it can be too much when your local gift store has overdone it. But it can be fun to decorate at home with red and pink, whether it’s a temporary use of the colors in honor of the holiday or a color scheme you enjoy year-round.

Personally, I love pops of red. The main living space in my home has accent colors of claret—mostly in an area rug, comfy throw and accent pillows. Red can warm up a space and add visual interest. However, you want to be careful when incorporating intense hues, especially reds. You don’t want to go overboard and end up with a space that feels intense or angry; you want reds that add positively to the vibe of a space. Depending on the tone and hue of the red you like, that might translate into an atmosphere that is energetic and has pizzazz, feels luxurious and elegant or seems rustic and comfortable. Since Hirshfield’s has paint in thousands of colors—more than 5,000 possibilities—you can acquire a paint sample to take home and try out before you commit to a color.

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{friday finds: thinking about an exterior paint make-over this spring?}

Your home says a lot about you. Both inside and out, it is a reflection of your style, personality, and the family who lives there. Making sure your home is an accurate reflection of you is exactly what our Hirshfield’s color specialists are trained to do. Painting the exterior of your house is a very large project that you want to get right on the very first try. If you’ve already made a trip into the paint store to admire the thousands of paint options, you may be seeking an expert to give you specific color suggestions that match your home and personality.

An exterior color call typically starts in the interior of the home because the inside of your house is a great reflection of your style. A color specialist will also take time to interview you as the homeowner to ask you about your color preferences, and even take into account the existing colors in the neighborhood so that your house stands out from your neighbors’, but still complements the look of the neighborhood. Finally, your color specialist will evaluate the permanent or semi-permanent fixtures around your home, such as windows, fixtures, and landscaping like plants, trees, or front walks.

After the consultation is complete, the specialist presents 4-6 color options to choose from for the main color of the house which covers 70-75% of the exterior. Accent colors are then chosen for the trim and remainder of the home. Your new exterior color will change the look of your house– and hopefully make your neighbors just a little bit jealous!

To see one of our Hirshfield’s color specialists, Kathy Basil, explain the exterior color call process, check out the video below:

{kudos to kathy}


Kathy helped J & L select paint for their home and in their words, “Every color is absolutely perfect!”  Kudos to Kathy on exceptional customer service, and thanks to J & L for sending such a nice note.

Dear Mr. Hirshfield,
We’re sure you’re already aware of what a treasure you have in Kathy Basil but we just wanted to let you know how happy we were with her work and what a great representative of your company she is!  While we’ve remodeled a lot of homes and bought a lot of paint, this is the first time we had a “color consultant” come with our painter (Edgar Gomez–New Century Construction–aside—a superior painter with an amazing crew).  We are used to buying about 50 versions of the same color to finally arrive at just the right hue.  Kathy is able to quickly narrow down the choices and make the whole process a lot more agreeable!  On top of that, she presents colors that one would never have thought of …and they turn out to be absolutely amazing!
I could go on and on about each of our color choices but in the end, she helped us with paint for at least thirteen different rooms + hallways, trims, stairways, etc….The idea of repainting this whole house (that had previously been filled with wallpaper from the ’80’s) was daunting but Kathy skillfully, creatively, patiently, and cheerfully steered us to just the right colors.  With her expertise and intrinsic sense of color, she facilitated this process to the ultimate degree.
Suffice it to say:   Every color is absolutely perfect!  Whether it’s the kitchen, the work-out room, the bathroom, our bedroom, my office, the living room, etc, etc….
On top of all this, we weren’t the type of clients who just threw ourselves into Kathy’s hands.  We had our own ideas, we had “experience,” and we were a little skeptical, knowing how hard it is to choose just the right color.  Kathy was wonderfully patient with us.  She expressed her ideas, respected our ideas, and explained what was good and bad of the two…
So this summer, we will be painting the exterior of our “new” house and you can be sure, we will be asking that Kathy come back and find us just the right shade of “beige” or…what ever color she recommends.
So many thanks for the professional guidance you provided us through Kathy.
J &L Hovland

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