{what color should i paint my room?}

Benjamin Moore’s Design by What Matters Inspires Color Selection

You’re painting a room in your house and you’re not sure what color or colors you should use. You’ve read magazines, spent hours on Pinterest, friends and relatives have opinions and your head is swirling. You’re stuck. So you head to the paint store to ask the experts, “what color should I paint my room?” The question is impossible, because paint color is so personal, even emotional. You ultimately take home some paint chips to imagine what they might look like in your space. This too is a dicey proposition. Maybe the actual color looks terrific splashed up on your walls, maybe it’s a nightmare. Well, painter, the folks at Benjamin Moore have made it easier with a new online personality quiz designed to help you pick colors that agree with your preferences and lifestyle.

Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com



Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

Picking paint color is an emotional decision, according to Hirshfield’s Design expert, Kathy Basil. “Inspiration is really important. As a designer, we’re always considering the surroundings and lifestyle of a client.” Basil adds it’s rare that someone truly does not care about what color is in their home. It comes down to a basic question, “how do you want to feel in your home?”

Design by What Matters helps you figure out what really does matter to you. Who are you as a person? Are you daring, or do you play it safe? Do you envision the slow serenity of a beach or the extremes of mountains? Ultimately, Basil says that this website does something that she has done for years, just in a different way.


Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

“I always make it a priority to get to know my client before we even talk about colors. I’ll spend a good 45-minutes with a new client just getting to know them and how they live their life.” From there, Basil begins visualizing color palettes that make sense for their needs.

Basil thought the quiz was “a good jump start to spark your inspiration and it’s very user-friendly.” She loved her result because it included a beautiful view of the ocean.

Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

Courtesy of designbywhatmatters.com

While you can use Design by What Matters as a guide to selecting color palettes for your home, keep in mind that it’s actually a fun way to find inspiration and to see how your answers connect to color. Even so, use this information to bring to your designer or local paint store to figure out what colors best fit you and your living spaces.

Design by What Matters website can be found here and after you design your room, enter for a chance to win up to $2,000!

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  1. Aroon Melane Says:

    The blue and grey both look like gorgeous colors! I think the blue opens up a room a little bit more

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