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Window Treatment Wednesday: Hirshfield’s Designers Pick Our Favorites

With the days growing longer and temperatures getting warmer, it’s the time of year to throw open the windows and let in the fresh air. And while enjoying that spring breeze, it’s fair to daydream about new window treatments. In fact, some of our Hirshfield’s window treatment experts from around Minnesota are here to help you out with some of their favorites.

Roman Shades

Horizons Roman Shade

Roman Shades from Horizons Window Fashions

Roz from Hirshfield’s in Alexandria loves Roman Shades. “I like that they can be very versatile from fun and modern to traditional,” she says. “There are so many different styles to choose from so you can always find one that suits the space.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Window Treatment Wednesday: PVC-Free Window Shades

If you’re trying to keep chemicals out of your home or business, one item to consider is your window shades. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is used in a number of household products, including furniture, housewares, and a few particular styles of blinds, such as vinyl horizontal blinds, which are not sold at Hirshfield’s.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), even short-term exposure to high levels of PVC may lead to headaches or dizziness.

Hirshfield’s own Shannon Scarrella says that the roller shade industry has changed greatly since roller blinds that operate via a spring roller were common (those were vinyl). Now, many blackout roller shades are made out of polyester, although some are made out of blends that include a vinyl product.

For homeowners who are concerned about PVC exposure, there are a number of PVC-free window coverings. Scarrella’s favorite PVC-free window shade is the Alustra Woven Textures. “You have the appeal of a natural shade with some of the strength of a screen shade, without vinyl or PVC,” she says.

Scarrella warns homeowners that when it comes to faux wood, they are not all created equal—many of the faux woods on the market contain a form of PVC. However, Hunter Douglas has its own line of PVC-free faux woods called the Everwood collection.  These are made using a technology that’s exclusive to Hunter Douglas.

“If you’re looking for PVC-free products, you can also look at fabric treatments, such as roman shades, Silhouettes, or honeycomb shades-something made of a more pliable, natural material.”

roman shades

Courtesy of Horizons

Whether you’re concerned about PVC products or not, Hirshfield’s has a variety of window coverings, including PVC-free window shades, to fit your home and your style.

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

{window treatment wednesday: window coverings for the nursery}

Nursery Window Treatments

It’s a special and wonderful task to undertake—decorating the nursery. Whether it’s your first child or fourth, you want your baby’s room to be not only adorable but also welcoming, safe, comfortable and practical. One component of the décor is the window treatments. What should you consider when choosing window treatments for a nursery?

Shannon Scarrella is a Minneapolis window coverings expert, and she says that parents need to consider a number of factors when they’re picking out window treatments for a nursery, including function and safety.

“Parents should keep in mind where a child’s crib or bed is in relation to the window treatment,” says Scarrella. “If a crib or bed is next to the window, stay clear of cords. Think cordless, cordless, cordless!” As horrible a thought as it is, cords are strangulation hazards. Scary! The good news is that many window treatments have cordless options, including honeycomb and Roman shades. 

Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday: how to add privacy}

Add privacy to your home by using window treatments.

Your home is a place of solace and safety. You should feel secure in the privacy it provides. Shannon, the Hirshfield’s Shop at Home resident window treatment expert, shares tips on how to select these window treatments that will add to the privacy of your home.

Window Treatments for Privacy

Window treatments in a bathroom are a necessity, but the great thing is that they can be functional and good looking at the same time.  Most bathrooms typically have one window (above a tub or somewhere at the end of the long bathroom by the toilet). When I think of bathrooms, I think of wood tones, natural stones and a relatively neutral space.  There is typically a lot going on in a bathroom with vanities, toilets, flooring, showers, etc.  We try to create the walls as though they belong without breaking the space up more.  This leaves us to create a more dramatic window treatment.

Roman Shades in a bathroom are a perfect solution.  The liner allows for privacy and then we can be bold or graphic on the fabric.  With an outside mount Roman Shade you can create the illusion of a larger window, but installing it higher and wider than the actual window.  If pattern is too much, go for a neutral that complements your décor, but adds an element of texture or depth to the color.    Read the rest of this entry »

{window treatment wednesday}

As I searched the portion of my soul where window treatments reside, I found a heaping mess of drapery. I can’t help it, I will always try to find a way to include fabric in any room, on any window! Read the rest of this entry »

{friday finds: roman shades}

When “Sex and the City II” came out last year one of the design features that caught my eye was the Roman shade in Charlotte’s kitchen. I immediately knew this window treatment would be gracing the pages of future decor magazines and blogs.

I went to one of our window treatment experts, Bonnie West, from Hirshfield’s in-home shopping service, and asked her to share her thoughts on the movie, but she only wanted to talk about Roman Shades. Roman shades can add softness and texture to a room, she told me. They offer a more tailored and finished look than some other treatments such as a honeycomb shades, which may need a valance to complete the look. Roman shades are often a good choice in a room where you may want to combine draperies on a patio door with roman shades on other windows. Roman shades are a product she uses when people want a soft look but may not have room for draperies due to the stacking requirements.

Hobbled Roman Shade – Christopher Peacock’s kitchen

Elements of Style

Odi et Amo

Hunter Douglas – Design Studio™ Roman shade*

Hunter Douglas Vignette® Modern Roman shade – from the outside looking in

Ideal Home

Junk Garden Girl did a fun post showing room shots from the television show Parenthood. Roman shades are shown in just about all the shots, and a bonus round of Benjamin Moore paint colors for your viewing pleasure.

Aren’t Roman shades the best? Prints, textures, and solids; you can have what fits your lifestyle and design preference.

Choosing product features can be overwhelming and that’s where our staff are able to help you select the best options for your home. Stacking of the shade, folds, 4″ or 6″, hobbled or flat, privacy issues, colors, and fabric selection are some of the  features that need to be taken into consideration. Our staff know the questions to ask. Your style. Our expertise.

When you are shopping for window treatments please stop by one of our 15 locations and let us quote you a price. If you need someone to come to your home, we offer free in-home visits by our Shop at Home consultants.


*The Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman shade is a new product which will be in our stores very soon.

{literise shades}

When you’re looking at how to dress up and cover your windows, the options can be endless.  One approach is to use blinds or shades as your window coverings to filter or even block out light.

Picture your favorite room, with lots of windows letting all that glorious light through. You don’t want those cords hanging all over the place!
The LiteRise cordless system is clean and uncluttered. You just push up to raise the blind or shade and pull down to lower it.  There are no cords to have hanging loose.

Duette Top-Down Bottom-Up with LiteRise

Country Woods with LiteRise

The cordless system is offered in several styles, from Duette Honeycomb Shades to wood blinds to the new Vignette®  Tiered Shade from Hunter Douglas.

Vignette Tiered with LiteRise

LiteRise shades are a great option if you have kids or pets in your home. A cordless system eliminates the risk of a child getting tangled in a hanging cord. According to the  CPSC, there are 120 reported fatalities and 113 injuries caused by corded window coverings since 1999.

Duette Duolite with LiteRise

Shannon Scarrella at the Roseville Hirshfield’s says the Vignette®  Tiered Shade is not only cordless, but it also has no exposed cords in the back to pose a safety risk. The truly cordless system has earned the Vignette®  Tiered Shade awards in both safety and design.

Vignette Tiered with LiteRise

Shannon says no matter which style of LiteRise shade you choose for your home just make sure you can reach your cordless LiteRise shades when they’re up!

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