{friday finds: hand painted bathroom & ranch guesthouse redo}

The creativity that I found on-line this past week was awe-inspiring. How do people come up with such creative ideas? A gallon of paint does that? Re-purposing a 150 year old prayer rail from an English church as a backsplash?

A reader of the blue hydrangea blog sent in these amazing bathroom photos. I’ll let the room speak for itself. There are just a few photos and I don’t want to spoil the fun.

Creative repurposing oozes from the owner of this ranch guesthouse in Abilene, which I found on Cote De Texas. Love the pinwheel quilt block on the floor and the old Texas deed documents that paper the walls in this bedroom. It’s all in the details.

Let Hirshfield’s staff share their expertise in helping you implement your own repurposing idea or DIY project.

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One Response to “{friday finds: hand painted bathroom & ranch guesthouse redo}”

  1. Kelly Lego Says:

    Love to get fresh ideas for decorating here. There’s always a surprise treat, getting a new idea everytime you look.

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