{a shout out to the mpls contractor service center}



We think we have some great people working at Hirshfield’s and it’s always nice when our customers agree with us. Thanks, Elliot for exceeding this customer’s expectations.

Hi Steve,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know you have a great team.  Your staff is always extremely helpful and pleasant while doing so.  I would also like to make specific mention about Elliot.  At approximately 4:30pm on Friday 11th, I called regarding a gallon of paint that was requested.  The paint was prepared and waiting but I would not be able to get there before closing at 5:00pm.  Elliot went out of his way to deliver the paint to the hotel.  This action was above and beyond what you might expect.  It also saved me a trip and allowed us to execute a project that was planned for the weekend.

Thank you
A. V.
Maintenance Manager
Marquette Hotel

{customer appreciation}

We want our customers to have a good experience at Hirshfield’s. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes not so right. Last week two Hirshfield’s customers took time to write a thank you to Jim (Robbinsdale) and Kathy (Hirshfields’s Design Resource Showroom.)  Expertise and customer service are what impressed these two customers.

Store Manager:

At your store this morning, I was assisted by Jim in choosing/matching a paint color that I tried to identify with my own, very old color chip. Not only did he succeed in matching my sample color chip and mixing the paint I needed, but he met this customer’s needs with efficiency, patience, and just enough cordial interaction to help this spur-of-the moment customer feel comfortable. That is customer service that as an asset to your store as well as the “down home” reputation of Robbinsdale. 

With much appreciation,


Hi Kathy,

Just a note to say thanks once again for your help with (our) exterior paint choice. You certainly know what you are doing. We LOVE the new house color! My life has been so much better since I met you.


Thanks for the notes, G and Sue. We are grateful you chose Hirshfield’s and we appreciate your business.

{kudos to kathy!}

This is an email we received from Amy, a Hirshfield’s customer who worked with Kathy over at Hirshfield’s Design Resource. Kudos to Kathy on exceptional customer service, and thanks to Amy for the fantastic email!

Hi Kathy,

Thought you might be interested in a painting update.

I finally got around to painting our family room over the weekend, and as you promised, the Ginger Snap looks incredible in there!  So incredible in fact, that when my thirteen year old son (who as you can imagine doesn’t care much about home furnishings) saw it he said it looks like it came out of a magazine.  It’s truly amazing the way doing a dramatic shade can transform the whole vibe of the house!  Additionally, the way that all of the newly painted rooms flow from one to another just proves what a valuable service you’ve provided. (And don’t worry, I’ve been telling all my friends about it.)

So far I’ve gotten the kitchen, dining and family room taken care of as per your plan, and hope to get the living room wrapped up by the end of next week.  Depending on my stamina level, I may even tackle the stairs and upper bathroom before school gets out, or (more likely) may end up waiting for a few boring days in the summer.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience–you are so good at this!!!

Thanks again,

{exceptional customer service – Nick}

Dear Hirshfield’s,

I would just like to say how pleased I was with the service Nick Benson offered me in custom mixing paint for my latest project. He was exceedingly friendly and eager to please. He remixed a new batch of paint to make the match to my wallpaper and it wasn’t an easy task. His experience and good eye for color made it a perfect match. He probably spent over an hour remixing and wasn’t happy until we both agreed on the color. What a great guy. I will definitely shop at this location again and will recommend Nick. Thanks so much for hiring only the best.


Thanks, Penny, for taking the time to write us this note! And kudos to Nick for his exceptional customer service!


Whether you are a first-time painter or expert DIYer, the professionals at Hirshfield’s want to make sure your next home improvement project is a successful one! Bring us your questions because we want to help! We recently received a nice email from a customer who had a wonderful experience at the Hirshfield’s in Apple Valley :

Dear Mr. H,

This note might be a record for tardiness, but better late than never! Last September (I kept my note but just found it again after losing it) I was in your Apple Valley store. I am a beginner at painting walls, since I have always been a renter. I sort of, kind of, knew what I wanted but being inexperienced with what paint really looks like on the wall compared to the chip in the store, I was getting frustrated.

Your employee Jen Miranda to the rescue! She was more than wonderful. Kind, patient, knowledgeable and helpful in every way – she led me through some ideas and suggestions. She recommended the “sample” size, she mixed paint for me, she listened while I complained, and never once made me feel silly. We actually ended up having a good time and laughing together over my fast learning curve!

The next time I need paint I will be certain to schedule time with Jen Miranda – if only all employees in other retail establishments were so caring and kind as Jen, the shopping world would be a far better place for us consumers. Thank you, also, for the good training and positive workplace culture that you have created so that people like Jen can continue to learn and grow to their best potential.

Your fan,


Kudos, Jen! And thank you, Sharon, for your nice note!

{more exceptional customer service… Hirshfield’s}

At Hirshfield’s, we don’t treat our customers well just for the recognition. We do it because it is part of our mission to share our knowledge and ensure that every customer is treated with respect. However, letters like this remind us just how important exceptional customer service is. We always love hearing about our customers’ experiences with us, and we thank Chris for sharing his!

Great work Eden Prairie, truly an example of great customer service!

To Hirshfield’s Decorating Center in Eden Prairie:

I would personally like to recognize your store for providing outstanding customer service.  Every employee that I have worked with has been tremendous.  Your staff truly understands what it means to “put the customer first”.

Each employee demonstrates a complete knowledge about your product line.  Additionally, your staff is extremely friendly and has a great attitude.

I look forward to coming into the store, as I know that it is a positive atmosphere.  Your store is phenomenal when conducting business over the phone.

My painting needs have been very random this summer, and I have needed many gallons of paint spur of the moment.  Everyone has been very accommodating and easy to work with.  In my job, I have worked with many vendors this summer alone.

I have to say that Hirshfield’s is by far the best company that I have done business with in my four years in this position.  I am excited to continue buying paint from Hirshfield’s in the future.

In a society where customer service seems to be declining at times, the Eden Prairie Hirshfield’s location sure deserves to be recognized for achieving stellar customer service.

I have never taken the time to recognize any other vendor before, but I would not feel right without taking the time to recognize and thank the entire Eden Prairie team.  In particular, I would like to acknowledge and thank Grant, Robin, Jamin, Devon, and Diane.

All of the employees combined are what make the store so great.  I am sure that I have forgotten some, but these are the ones that I have had the privilege to work with.  I cannot thank each of you enough for continually helping me out with my paint orders.

Thank you for making ordering and purchasing paint such a wonderful experience.  Our building has never looked better with all of the fresh paint!  Thanks again for all that each of you do on a daily basis!  Your efforts are making a big difference!  Keep up the good work!


{exceptional customer service}

Every so often we receive an unsolicited note from a satisfied customer. Why “every so often?” Is it because our company only performs at an exceptional level “every so often?” We’d like to think not, but a little self doubt does help keep one at the top of their game. Countless times I’ve shared positive feelings with friends and colleagues about a rewarding shopping experience or interaction with a sales associate. But I’ve never followed up with direct feedback to that individual. I’m admittedly guilty. No excuse. Shame on me. I’ll try to do better. I will try. It might make me a better customer.

But let me share this “every so often” note that arrived today:

“I would like to commend Jeff in your Edina store for exceptional customer service as he’s helped me on a couple of occasions. He worked with me on a staining project and was able to track down additional stain from your various locations that I needed at the last minute and Jeff recently helped me with another project. It isn’t often that customer service is exceptional in any business, so I feel it’s necessary to let him know that he displays great customer service and knowledge. He thanks me by name which is an added bonus.”

– Terry L.

Thank you, Terry.

And thank you, Jeff.

Exceptional customer service.

Exceptional customer.

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