{5 best remodel projects to do during winter}

Winter months can sure feel long when you’re cooped up inside your home. Especially here in Minnesota. However, indoor home renovation can be rewarding and help those long months fly by. Here are a few remodeling ideas that can jump start you on your way to a newly renovated home by spring.

Kitchen Renovation by Irvine Interior Designers & Decorators Serendipite Designs

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{friday finds: don’t make these interior design mistakes}

Design inspiration is everywhere. Watch TV, read this blog, or pick through Pinterest, and you’ll find plenty of  exciting design ideas. But sometimes that’s a problem. How you put them together is where you really make the magic — or make a mess.


So, in the spirit of “putting it all together,” our Hirshfield’s professionals put together a list of interior design mistakes you shouldn’t make.

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{update: china shepherdess}

Remember Amy, the blogger behind China Shepherdess who is redoing her 1950’s home in Minneapolis? Well, we are so happy and excited to be bringing you her first update! She has selected paint colors for her living room, and pending “eleventybillion degrees with 100% humidity” she will be tackling the project this weekend. Check out her most recent blog post here: http://www.chinashepherdess.com/2010/07/my-new-living-room-paint-colors.html

Good luck with the painting, Amy! We all look forward to seeing the end result!

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