{expert color advice: how color is affected by light}

Looking at color with light.

It’s very important when choosing color that you look at it in all different light scenarios. Color expert Kate Smith from Sensational Color knows what it takes to decide which color will be right for you. Follow these expert tips so you don’t regret your color choice.

Choosing Color

Have you decided on a color and by nightfall, you’re regretting your decision? There’s a word for that: metamerism. Metamerism means that colors seem to change under different light conditions. That’s why testing is key! Read the rest of this entry »

{tips for removing painters’ tape}

The new paint color you’ve chosen for your room has dried and looks great on your walls. Job well done! Now it’s time to remove the tape protecting your woodwork and floorboards. This may sound simple – but there really is a “right” way to take off painters’ tape. Bob from 3M shows us just how it’s done in our latest video.

Bob’s also shown us how to choose the right tape and how to put it up correctly. Have you completed a project  recently? We’d love to hear about your experience and see your finished work!

{resolutions for your home}

My favorite part of a new year is the blank slate that lies ahead. You can look at a brand new calendar and schedule vacations. You can promise yourself that this is the year you’ll take better care of yourself. Maybe you want to reconnect with family. But have you thought about making some resolutions for your home?

A top resolution for many people is to get organized!

Mail Station from Simple Effects

This can be as simple as setting up a mail station by the door or in the kitchen to corral all the paper you get each day. Or, it can be the decision to overhaul your closets.

Pinnacle Closets

Get rid of clothes that are damaged and give away pieces that don’t fit but are in great shape. A good organizing system that fits what you own is a great place to start – and we think our Pinnacle system is top notch. We talked about the flexibility of the closet system in this previous blog.

Maybe you have a space that seems dated or in need of a fresh start.

A new coat of paint or using wallpaper as an accent feature is an easy and affordable way to breathe new life and style to your home.

Eijffinger Belle Du Jour

Are you thinking of going green this year? Get an energy audit of your home and see where you can make your home more energy efficient. Many of our window treatments can really boost how energy efficient your home is thanks to new technology to keep hot air out in the summer and cold air from creeping in during the winter. You can also check out how much energy your appliances are using when they’re not on with a power meter from your energy company. In some states, including Minnesota and Wisconsin, you can simply check them out free from a library!

No matter what you decide to do – tackle one project at a time. You’ll feel like you’re getting more done and not have to deal with the chaos that comes with trying to work on multiple things at one time. What are your resolutions for 2011?

{color matching}

We all have a favorite color, that shade of green or blue or purple that just makes us feel good. But if you’re looking for Tiffany blue or Coca-Cola red for your next project, sometimes there just isn’t that perfect match in the countless options of paint chips available at the paint store.

That’s where color matching comes in handy. Experts can now take just about any item – a piece of jewelry, a blouse, even a pillow or door and copy it in paint. Consider it couture color at no extra cost.

Computers are used to match a color and put the precise amount of colorant in a base to create your perfect can of paint. Kevin at Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing says you don’t need to have a large sample of the color you want to copy for the process to work. As long as the computer has a sample the size of a quarter, it can recreate your color.

Computers can have a tough time with a sample that has a rough or textured surface, like a tapestry or pillow. Kevin says that’s when color matching needs to go a little more low-tech.

That process still starts with the computer to get close to the color you’re looking for. Then, it’s up to the employee to decide which colorants to add and how much. This is where Hirshfield’s expertise comes in.

Kevin walked me through the process: first a sample of the paint is brushed out and dried to compare to the sample being matched. This process can be repeated several times until the correct color is created and you’re happy with the match. Ron at the Roseville Hirshfield’s says the “hand to eye” tweaking can be done while you wait but does take some time. It may be best to leave the sample at your neighborhood Hirshfield’s and let the experts work on it to create the best match possible. Then it can go home with you to start your next project.

{tinting paint: creating the perfect color}

Finding that perfect color of paint for your next project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think of the possibilities!

Shades of red can have a hint of orange to deep cranberry.  Blues can be anything from a cool turquoise to a deep navy.  There are even countless shades of white and cream!

But how does that range of color become reality? It’s all thanks to quality, professional tinting to take a base and turn it into something that can transform your home.

Kevin at Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing says it all starts with the tinting base. Hirshfield’s uses four types: White Base, Medium Base, Deep Base and Neutral Base. White Base will be used for the pastels and lighter colors that you’re looking for. Neutral Base is basically clear before the tinting process and is used for very dark or very bright colors.

Each base is designed to accept a certain amount of color. That makeup along with a pigment in the base helps the professionals at Hirshfield’s control the depth of color that ends up in the paint can you purchase.

Tinting is not something you want to try on your own.  The tinting equipment used right now is designed to make sure that each gallon of paint gets the same amount of colorant. Bases are also designed to have certain amounts of color mixed in. Those precise measurements ensure that the color is consistent and will give you the coverage you need for your room.

Summer science class visits Hirshfield's Paint Manufacturing

Painting is a stressful enough project as it is, it would be even worse to have your paint not cover well or take three times as long to dry!  So leave it to the professionals to get the tint right, so you can focus on grabbing those rollers and getting started!

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