{twin cities design scene shares the loft love}

One of the more popular searches on this blog is lofts. We have one posting, loft living tips, and it receives a fair amount of views. Realizing viewers would like to see more, lofts have been at the top of the “need to find” list for a while.

Last week, Jennie came to my rescue with a posting on a Minneapolis loft featured on Apartment Therapy. Twin Cities Design Scene will give you a proper introduction to this now famous loft.

Thanks to Jennie and Casey (owner of the loft) for allowing Hirshfield’s to share. Image from Apartment Therapy.

P.S. Hirshfield’s carries Benjamin Moore and Ralph Lauren paints.

3 Responses to “{twin cities design scene shares the loft love}”

  1. reclaimed.spaces Says:

    Thanks for the repost Marsha!

  2. Marsha Says:

    You’re welcome.
    Thanks for showing us 620sf of well designed space. Small is good.

  3. Jennie Says:

    Also, thanks for the re-post! Hirshfields is the best!

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