{wythe blue over at house of turquoise}

Erin always has the best photos over at House of Turquoise and her latest posting on Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue does not disappoint. Enjoy.

{liquid motion floor tiles}

Totally groovy! These Liquid Motion Floor Tiles add a psychedelic touch to any space. Available in a variety of colors and in custom shapes and sizes, these tiles would make any kids room, loft or club a truly one-of-a-kind space! And these tiles are not limited to just the floor, you can use them as a table or bar top – wouldn’t that make for a fun dinner party!

If you want more information about the Liquid Motion Floor Tiles, stop in to Hirshfield’s Design Resource and let their design experts help you create your unique space!

{friday finds: gray, grey, greige}

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 – DecorPad

The color gray is a gray area. It is a complex color. “That’s not gray, that’s…”

The shade of gray that is “in” right now is a brown gray. It looks good with the warm tones that have been trendy the last few years. When asked about customers’ preferences, Michelle from the Edina store, agrees, ” people usually shy away from the cooler grays and gravitate to the brown grays.” When selecting a gray paint color, pay attention to the undertones. Are you seeing a blue-gray, a purple gray, a green gray? Pearl grays can be iridescent and have purple and pink in them. A good charcoal gray is closer to black, but much softer than black. So many choices.

I pulled some reader comments on grays from Apartment Therapy postings. If you are searching for a gray you may find these comments helpful.

… my dining room is Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690, from their Aura paint line. It’s a nice bluey grey as well…

…Ralph Lauren Soft Earth UL29 is a nice grey that would still look good with golds…also, Forde Abbey TH06 is a great color…

A few years ago I painted the entire inside of my house BM’s Balboa Mist 1549. It’s a soft grey that changes with the light. Decorator white woodwork and black doors with brushed silver knobs. Loved it every day. Very fresh….I’m addicted to gray!

I recently painted with Benjamin Moore Feather Gray 2127-60, and it’s gorgeous. Depending on the light, it can look sort of blue or silver, and it’s just such a soft shade, like a bird’s wing…

I love gray and found BM Stonington Gray HC-170 here on Apartment Therapy. Everyone said it was the most neutral gray and did not take on purple, green or blue the way some grays do. Oh, how right they were…

Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog 976 is a color offers a wonderful chameleon-like background for other colors. I had it with a white sofa and chair and smaller accents of bright, light green — also had deep brown. It also looks fabulous with red and with black…

Our new grey is Ralph Lauren’s Artist’s Studio VM 157. LOVE it. Has more of a blue undertone than brown.

Currently, my bedroom is Gray Owl 2137-60 and OC-52 (Benjamin Moore). It’s really subtle, with a hint of green. (I also have a bathroom painted Pigeon Gray 2133-50 (BM). That’s a nice deep gray with purple undertones.

We’ve got you covered with the warm and cool grays found in this wallcovering – Ideal Home

Ideal Home

Chelsea Gray (HC-168) is the background in Brooke Shield’s NY living room.

Can’t commit to grey on your walls? Image from Vtwonen found on Decor8

Metallic wallpaper from Graham& Brown – Ideal Home

Benjamin Moore Nightingale AF-670 – Pottery Barn

Cow Parsley wallcovering by Cole & Son

Benjamin Moore Whale Grey 2134-40 and Deep Space 2125-20

For more photos of this space visit Cheeky Living.

Ideal Home

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166

Benjamin Moore Abalone 2108-60 (The lighter grays are hard to see in photos)

This is a work in progress from china shepherdess.

Love the gray and black accents – Ideal Home

When looking for paint colors remember to bring in fabric samples, flooring, or whatever you have available, so Hirshfield’s sales staff can assist you with your paint and wallpaper selections. If you can’t see the difference in a purple gray vs. a green gray, not to worry, that’s when our sales staff can be of assistance. They work with color every day, all day. Grab some samples and audition them with your finishes, your lighting, your husband (not really), in your home. Need more one-on-one assistance, think about a color consultation.

Check out the paint coupons on the Hirshfield’s website and this last link to gray.


We recently did a post on a new trend in wall covering – grasscloth. But pictures just really don’t do this natural, warm material justice. So in this video, Kathy from Hirshfield’s Design Resource, shows us how grasscloth can add an inviting touch to your space.

Be sure to visit Hirshfield’s Design Resource for more information about grasscloth.

{friday finds: fabio wallcovering}

Claire and her Fabio wallcovering.

Look closely to see the cover of the romance novel recreated as a wallcovering pattern.

We are showcasing the talented Miss Claire and her interest in wallcovering. The top two photos are from the exhibit “Appreciation: A Celebration of the U of M Arts Scholarship Program” at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery. The exhibit runs through August 26, 2010.

Claire designed and “printed” the wallcovering shown in these photos. She spent time studying damask wallcovering patterns and gathering information from Jon, at Hirshfield’s Edina location. Claire feels that “wallcovering can completely make a space go over the top.” Her pattern was inspired by the cover of a romance novel featuring Fabio and a lady-love. I neglected to ask the most obvious question; how she thought to turn the cover of a romance novel into a wallcovering pattern. Maybe she’ll let us know.

Here is a simplified description of the process, which I imagine was very time-consuming.

  • Claire designs the pattern. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it.
  • Adobe Photoshop file is downloaded to the laser cut machine.
  • Claire has to cut the fabric (feels like Ultrasuede) so it will fit in the bed of the laser cut machine.
  • The fabric is then fed through the machine which is calibrated to cut the nap of the fabric at varying heights to produce Claire’s design.
  • It takes two hours to produce one panel and the exhibit wall consists of 21 wrapped panels. The panels are wrapped, taking care to match the pattern repeat on every panel.

Claire likes to create art that has a domestic feel to it. Nostalgic… over the top… and ridiculous, are words she uses to describe her work. This very talented young lady would some day like to be an Art Conservator working with historic textiles and costumes.

The names of the five other artists and exhibit information are listed below. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients. If you have never been to the Gallery, it is easy to find, with parking right across the street.

Exhibitions and Events

BFA Juried Scholarship Exhibition

Appreciation: A Celebration of the University of Minnesota Arts Scholarship Program

Featuring works from Scholarship Recipients: Clair Anderson ’10, Sarah Baker ’10, Miles Mendenhall, Drew Peterson’09, Alexander Schluender ’09, Oakley Tapola ’09

Exhibition dates:Tuesday, August 10 – Thursday, August 26, 2010
Reception With the Artists, Thursday, August 12, 7 – 9 pm

Gallery hours during the special exhibition:
Tuesday- Friday, 11 am-4 pm
Saturday, 11 am – 4 pm
Sunday and Monday, closed

Please Note: Gallery hours for Thursday, August 12: 11 am – 4 pm, reopening at 6:30 – 8 pm.

{calming colors}

Who really has time to relax these days? Everything is go, go, go! I bet you were so busy you didn’t even know August 15th was National Relaxation Day. But even if your life is chaotic, your home and work environments don’t have to be. Surrounding yourself with calm and relaxing colors can have a soothing effect on your mind and can help aid in concentration.

Pat Verlodt, president of Color Services & Associates, Inc., says the most common calming colors are blues and greens because they remind us of calming things in nature – the ocean, the sky, a quiet field.

Imagine you could hear what “blue” sounds like. You probably hear a sound that could lull you to sleep, such as a gentle breeze or water lapping on the shore. Now imagine you could hear “red.” It probably sounds louder and more chaotic, which is why red is considered an energizing color, not a calming one.

According to Pat, popular calm colors include aquas, turquoises and blue greens. And don’t be concerned with “rules” when it comes to using calm colors. You could use them in any room of the house or in your office. They can be used in rooms that face the south and west to cool them off and because they are flattering colors they can be used in baths and powder rooms as well.

So even if your life is a little busy and chaotic, your space doesn’t have to be. Create a relaxing retreat with calming colors. And remember, the color experts at Hirshfield’s are always willing to help you with your color choices!

{update: china shepherdess}

We were so excited to hear from Amy (@teruterubouzu), the blogger behind China Shepherdess, about her recent renovation progress! We have been following Amy as she journeys through the renovation of her recently purchased 1950’s home in Minneapolis. If you’ve missed anything, you can catch up here!

In her recent posts, Amy updates us on her living room progress as well as her experience painting her ceiling!

Your place is looking great, Amy! Keep it up!

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