{wallcovering wednesday: new williamsburg prints}

York’s newest wallpaper collection is inspired by the textiles, maps and architecture of Colonial Williamsburg. The “Trend Meets Tradition” collection fuses American craftsmanship with the international influences that accented homes in the era.

WILLIAMSBURG is the latest line licensed by Williamsburg Brands, drawing on the extensive design archive of the not-for-profit Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Isham Indienne - YORK Wallcoverings

Isham Indienne – YORK Wallcoverings

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{friday finds: wallcovering inspiration for spring}

Spring Looks from Thibaut

As the world freshens up, thoughts turn to bringing the outdoors inside. With the world starting to bud, it’s time to put away the saturated hues of Winter and embrace the colors of Spring for an on-trend accent wall or room.

Geometric Resource Vol 2 Wallpapwer

Turner is an updated trellis pattern available in eight colorways


Thibaut Design’s Geometric Resource 2 wallpapers offer classic motifs executed in everything from soft, understated neutrals to brightly shaded palettes that evoke narcissus and tulips. Updated trellises, simulated studs and even animal prints are executed in two-toned patterns, and many are enhanced by special techniques like flocking, beads and printed grasscloth.

Thibaut Geometric Resources 2

Javan Wallpaper in Neutral

Let Javan bring you animal print neutrals as you’ve rarely seen them, in subtle and surprising hues.

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{inspired by precious metal}

Friday Finds: Metallic Wallcoverings Bring Out The Glamour

Gold. Silver. Bronze. Precious metals to add glamour and drama to any home through the popularity of metallic wallcoverings. “Metallics can create a depth and a dimension that I don’t think you can achieve any other way, besides with the real deal,” says Kathy Basil, Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom Manager. “We’ve been seeing metallics for a couple years,” she says, “but it’s not just the high-end anymore. It’s across the board.”


Phillip Jeffries Ltd. – Natalie Kraiem Interiors

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{hirshfield’s wallpaper love on pinterest}

Modern Nature Wallpaper

Modern Nature by Candice Olson

Osborne and Little wallpaper

Osborne and Little (it’s the pattern and not your eyes)

Here at Hirshfield’s we love our wallpaper and we want you to be just as excited and inspired by all the beautiful papers available. Colors, patterns, and textures have never looked better. Wallpaper, more so than a fresh coat of paint, changes the entire look of a room.

Visit Hirshfield’s on Pinterest and see why everyone’s excited about wallpaper. Going on Pinterest and figuring out your “wallpaper style” will make it easier to find the perfect paper. Once in our stores, Hirshfield’s sales staff will guide you to the right books and answer any of your wallpaper questions.

Hirshfield’s wallpaper boards on Pinterest:

Wild for Wallcovering

Eijffinger Wallpapers

Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom

Thibaut Wallpapers

Orla Kiely

Trending in Home Decor

Hope to see you over on Pinterest and leave a comment or two on your favorite wallpapers.

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{wallpaper solutions for your home}

Wallcovering Wednesday: Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper is a great solution to many common wallcovering problems. This wallpaper has durable fabric backing and a vinyl surface, which makes it almost invincible. They’re a superhero against dings, scratching, stains and standard wear and tear without being damaged. The benefits of fabric-backed vinyl are virtually endless. They come in many different textures that are just not achievable with paint, they can be easily cleaned with water, soap and even most household cleaning agents without ruining the wallpaper. If your home has wall damage, this wallcovering is great at covering up imperfections.

Fabric-Backed Vinyl

Thibaut’s best-selling fabric-backed vinyl is Bankun Raffia. It adds natural flare to a room in a wide variety of agreeable shades.

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{green design}

With Earth Day only days away, now is the time to think about the ways in which your home can be more environmentally friendly. April 22 marks the 41st observation of this event, designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for nature and the environment. Bringing elements from nature indoors is one way to design a green home. Many products used in houses today are also eco-friendly, with low toxins that are good for both your home and Mother Earth.

Bamboo blinds and shades are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, woven woods are better than classic wood because they are considered renewable resources. Indeed, a bamboo tree grows hundreds of times faster than an oak tree. This is what determined manufacturers of window coverings to take advantage of bamboo, reeds and grasses in creating special lines of eco-friendly products.

You can also opt for bamboo flooring over hardwood. The flooring can be installed with formaldehyde-free glues.

Hirshfield’s offers eco-friendly wallcoverings for home and business settings. EnVision, ECORE, and REcore all provide stylish options made from recycled materials and are low VOC (or volatile organic compound) emitting.

We also have a wide range of colors in our various lines of “green” paint, which include the top quality of Benjamin Moore and Hirshfield’s paint you know and trust. Find a variety of stains and indoor and outdoor paints at any of our Hirshfield’s locations, and be sure to recycle your unused and unwanted paint properly.

Hunter Douglas is one of the major players in the window treatments industry who take pride in protecting the environment while not giving up on quality and comfort. The Provenance woven wood shades offer a natural look, the warmth of nature inside your home, combined with excellent durability and with the latest technology available, in order to maximize the comfort.

The Hunter Douglas Provenance woven wood shades are eco-friendly in more than one way. Not only are they manufactured from renewable resources, but they also feature excellent thermal insulation properties and an outstanding solar heat control which lead to reduced energy consumption for heating or cooling the house. These insulating qualities are emphasized by adding the optional liner provided by Hunter Douglas with this line of window shades.

Additional tips you can implement around your house to help save our planet include making sure your home has proper insulation and buying and installing Energy Star appliances and windows. Finally, strategically plant shade trees and shrubs around your house to save energy. In summer, trees and plants can blocks infrared radiation that would otherwise enter and warm your home, while in winter, bare branches let the radiation come through for added warmth.

{using bamboo on your walls}

Wallcoverings are all the rage right now – thanks to modern designs and modern materials. We’ve talked about the benefits of grasscloth and how great it can be even as just an accent to a wall in your home. Now, it’s time to think about using bamboo.

Bamboo Wallcovering

You’re probably familiar with bamboo as a green option for flooring or even cabinets since it’s harvested from the seasonal growth of natural bamboo.  As a wallcovering, bamboo is also an eco-friendly option to really add high-end design to your home. It adds texture and natural drama to any space. Many are backed with fabric and accented with eco-conscious elements like jute and hemp.

At Hirshfield’s you’ll find bamboo wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries’ Wall Bamboo Forest and Woven Bamboo lines.

For the Wall Bamboo Forest collection, authentic bamboo is backed with fabric to create dramatic panels for your home. It could make a great statement as a backsplash in a kitchen or an accent wall.

Green Wall Bamboo Forest

Brown Wall Bamboo Forest

Woven Bamboo is also a great option to add texture to your room. You’ll find different textures and colors to create just the look you’re going for in your home.

Woven Bamboo

So don’t just think about bamboo as an option for your floors. It can bring a lovely, natural touch to the walls of your home.

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