{grasscloth wallcoverings}

Looking to add some warmth and texture to your space but not ready to commit to an intense wallpaper pattern? Grasscloth is reemerging as the wallcovering of choice for its timeless look and added character. Grasscloth has actually been around for millennia — its most popular period in recent history was the seventies.

Available in a variety of colors and textures, grasscloth can be woven into just about any design aesthetic. Additionally, grasscloth gives you the option to create your own patterns and designs, as this photo from Hirshfield’s Design Resource illustrates.

By simply cutting the grasscloth wallcoverings into the shapes and sizes you desire, you can create a truly unique, never to be duplicated design. Grasscloth is also eco-friendly, since it is prodouced from natural elements—reeds, grasses, bamboos, etc.

Sustainably sourced, ever-popular grasscloth is now printed with dramatic designs – large-scale florals, damasks, scrolls – and available in a delicious range of colors, significantly broadening its versatility.

Odi et Amo also offers some great grasscloth design inspiration on her blog. If these images don’t leave you feeling inspired, I don’t know what will!

The beauty and benefits of natural fiber wallcoverings:

  • Grasscloth brings a natural, serene effect to your room, bringing a bit of nature indoors
  • Absorbs noise and adds texture
  • Heavier wallcoverings such as grasscloth, fibers and fabric will cover any slight imperfections in walls
  • Grasscloth & natural fiber wallcoverings are environmentally friendly
  • Depending on your decor grasscloth and natural fiber wallpapers can lend an exciting backdrop to modern, country or tropical decor

4 Responses to “{grasscloth wallcoverings}”

  1. Marsha Says:

    A customer asked me to identify the colorways in the photo of the feature wall at the Design Studio.

    Thibaut paper from Grasscloth Resource book as follows:

    Greg will be very happy to share his techniques for this exceptional install.

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