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Wallcovering Wednesday: Fabric-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper is a great solution to many common wallcovering problems. This wallpaper has durable fabric backing and a vinyl surface, which makes it almost invincible. They’re a superhero against dings, scratching, stains and standard wear and tear without being damaged. The benefits of fabric-backed vinyl are virtually endless. They come in many different textures that are just not achievable with paint, they can be easily cleaned with water, soap and even most household cleaning agents without ruining the wallpaper. If your home has wall damage, this wallcovering is great at covering up imperfections.

Fabric-Backed Vinyl

Thibaut’s best-selling fabric-backed vinyl is Bankun Raffia. It adds natural flare to a room in a wide variety of agreeable shades.

Eastwood pattern from Thibaut

Thibaut’s Eastwood pattern mimics wood grain and provides an on-trend look with the low-maintenance that only fabric backed vinyls can achieve.


Fabric-Backed Vinyl

Thibaut’s Texture Volume 4 collection boasts surprising metallics and spicy earth tones like this geometric pattern, Bal Harbour.

Thibaut Texture Resource Vol. 4

Coastal Sisal from Texture Resource Vol. 4

Jane Hedin, professional wallpaper hanger here in the Twin Cities, has noticed an increase in popularity with fabric backed vinyls; she’s seeing them used in mudrooms, entryways, hallways and lower levels. Pets, kids, kids who play sports all take an added toll on your walls.

Commercial width vinyl is another option if you’re papering a longer hallway or a lower level with lots of wall space. Residential fabric backed vinyl is usually 27″ wide while commercial wallpaper is 54″ wide, resulting in fewer seams. The selection of pattern and color in both the 27″ and 54″ wallpapers is quite extensive.

Consider hanging fabric backed vinyl in your high-traffic areas, it’s one less thing you have to worry about so you can focus on living in your beautiful home.

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