{liquid motion floor tiles}

Totally groovy! These Liquid Motion Floor Tiles add a psychedelic touch to any space. Available in a variety of colors and in custom shapes and sizes, these tiles would make any kids room, loft or club a truly one-of-a-kind space! And these tiles are not limited to just the floor, you can use them as a table or bar top – wouldn’t that make for a fun dinner party!

If you want more information about the Liquid Motion Floor Tiles, stop in to Hirshfield’s Design Resource and let their design experts help you create your unique space!

4 Responses to “{liquid motion floor tiles}”

  1. Inflatable Bed · Says:

    ceramic floor tiles are the best, i used to have linoleum tiles but they do not last very long ‘,;

  2. jan cashin Says:

    Looking for information on Liquid motion floor tiles. where can we purchase for a project?

    • Marsha Says:


      Our commercial division has all the information on this product. One of the reps, Holly Thompson, just completed a project with the tiles and I’m sure she can answer all your questions. She can be reached at hthompson@hirshfields.com or 1-800-358-6332, ext. 295.

      Send us photos of your project. Thanks for your inquiry.

  3. Dion Konakowitz Says:

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