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Your bedroom is a sacred place, a quiet retreat from the demands and chaos of the rest of the house. This room should be comfortable, relaxing, and most importantly, your bedroom should reflect you. Hirshfield’s is making it even easier to customize your bedroom with their new, exclusive Headboard Program.

Through the Headboard Program, customers have the ability to mix-and-match six headboard styles with any of the hundreds of program fabrics available for one flat cost. Or, customers can bring in their own fabric or choose from any of Hirshfield’s fabrics for a small additional cost.

If you’re looking to make an even bigger statement in the boudoir, you can purchase a customized headboard plus upholstered bed frame for a complete look.

“Choosing the right headboard can have a huge impact on the design of your space,” says Greg Yaghsezian of Hirshfield’s Design Resource. “If you invest in a great piece like a headboard, then spend a little on nightstands and other décor, you have automatically elevated the entire room to look much more luxurious and expensive.”

The Hirshfield’s Design Resource team is ready and wiling help you find the perfect headboard shape and fabric combination to suit your style. You can contact Hirshfield’s Design Resource at 612-374-8901.

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