{friday finds: beautiful botanicals and fabulous ferns}

Even as the cold weather begins to hit, there’s nothing more beautiful than interior décor that is stylish and chic, and even brings a hint of lush nature indoors. We’re not talking plants that you have to care for every day, but stunning wallpapers that bring the outdoors inside.


Nature has been a strong influence and source of inspiration for decor this past year. The beautiful botanicals, fabulous ferns, and pretty palm leaves have seen a resurgence in popularity. The iconic palm leaf style actually originated from Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper, which was created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The bold wallpaper has since been transformed to more classic looking styles that can be used for any room and not just upscale Beverly Hills hotels.

Beverly Hills Hotel

Is that the lovely Lesley Ann Warren?

Banana Leaf by York Wallcoverings

Banana Leaf by York Wallcoverings

Bali Leaves by York Wallcoverings

Bali Leaves by York Wallcoverings

In fact, York, Scion, and Thibaut all have botanical wallpapers that range from fun, kitschy patterns to beautiful, natural ferns. They can be textured or more simple, but these botanical wallpapers are a design that has sustained the test of time.


Athyrium by Scion | Available at Hirshfield’s


Filigree by Thibaut | Available at Hirshfield’s

This beautiful “All Over Coral” pattern from York Wallcovering (below) looks like ferns. The bathroom is chic and bold by simply incorporating a wallpaper that might classify more as wall art.

“All Over Coral” by York Wallcoverings | Design Sponge

“All Over Coral” by York Wallcoverings | Design Sponge

Blue palm leaf wallcovering

2015 Coastal Living Showhouse | Designer Bailey McCarthy

Stop into your local Hirshfield’s today to bring the lushness of nature into your home with the help of these fun printed wallpapers.

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One Response to “{friday finds: beautiful botanicals and fabulous ferns}”

  1. Jeri Grennan Says:

    The wall covering behind Leslie Ann Warren is actually the iconic Dorothy Draper Wall Covering called “Brazilliance”, circa 1942. It’s often confused with the Don Loper print except the sea grapes are only on the Brazilliance. They are both beautiful! 🙂

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