{5 ways to be adventurous with your trim color}

It’s amazing how much you can change the look of your walls, even the mood of the whole room, with the trim color you choose. Maybe, you want more of a design statement than trim painted white? We have some colorful inspiration: five ways designers used less conventional combinations to create different moods.

Cool Contemporary

Trim: Gettysburg Gray (HC-107) | Walls: French Canvas (1514)


Credit: Dresser Photography

In this remodel, Gary Dresser decided to paint the trim darker than the walls. He says, “I spend time just sitting on my sofa admiring the way it looks. It’s crisp and modern but somehow mellower than the other way around. And it works in any style room with any style trim.” Here’s a similar look in a bedroom, where mellow means marvelous.
Desire to Inspire painted hallway

A long and dark hallway off the main room in the above photo is painted red, from floor to ceiling. Ka-pow! | Desire To Inspire

Funky Rustic

Trim: Verdigris (685) | Walls: Desert Tan (2153-50)

Summer Lake House

Credit: Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Smith & Vansant Architects designed this historical house to have a lake aesthetic while instilling some 21st-century style. Painting the trim a cool green evokes pine trees while staying contemporary. They liked the trim color so much, they carried it into the living room, where they painted the walls a coordinating blue sage:
Summer Lake House

Credit: Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Two-Tone Traditional

West Hillhurst Executive

Credit: Stephens Fine Homes Ltd

This traditional home was given a facelift by painting just the lower trim, with the crown molding matching the ceiling, a finishing touch that underlines the beauty of the home’s other features.

Charcoal Chic

Trim: Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)

Chapman House

Credit: Rachel Reider Interiors

Black and white may be timeless and classy, but walls painted black and white can feel overbearing with contrast. Warm up a monotone room by using charcoal instead of true black, and add bright pops of color, like red or teal to keep the mood light.

Country Cottage

We’ve looked at mid-tone neutrals, saturated teals, and charcoal gray. But with white or cream walls, trim could be any color. Achieve this look with thin trim painted in Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue:

The New Farmhouse

Credit: Rafe Churchil

Or for more depth, choose a wall color that is in the same family as your trim color and accessorize with a layer of white.
Idea Cottage in the Hamptons

Credit: Historical Concepts

One last thing – it’s okay to get a little crazy with paint and wallpaper in your kids’ rooms. The color of the painted trim in this room ties the entire room together. White would have worked, but Peacock Blue 2049-40 (Benjamin Moore) is a perfect pairing with the wallpaper.

Want more advice on color choices? Visit any of our Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and North Dakota. The folks in our paint department have plenty of ideas.

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