{modern interior design: using black and orange all year round}

We can appreciate the colors black and orange as they relate to Halloween – these colors have been a long-standing Halloween tradition. But what we can also appreciate are ideas and inspiration for how to use these colors in contemporary interior design, year round!

Black is coming back. In fact, black accents are the best way to update any hue.
Michelle Lamb, her takeaway from the Maison & Objet show in Paris, France

Rusty orange paired with everything
– Top trend from Michelle Lamb, her takeaway from High Point Market

These photos were posted in our Friday Finds: Black and Orange post last year, but I am still obsessed with them. This house is located in upstate New York. Maybe it’s the rustic, barren environment paired with the weathered look of the black and orange house that just makes it look so right to me. It’s possible that if the photos were taken in the spring or summer I would feel different about it, but for now I’m still in love.

Peter Pennoyer / cococozy.com

Peter Pennoyer / cococozy.com

In this room, featured in Apartment Therapy’s post Orange Crush: Using This Seasonal Color Year Round, the black reference comes from the dark wood around the fireplace and the chocolate brown sofa. This modern twist on the traditional color combination is a clever way to use the colors year round.

Apartment Therapy

This room plays with light and pattern in it’s modern version of orange and black. The wallpaper pattern on the accent wall makes the black more dimensional and the light from the chandelier gives the whole room a modern, glamorous vibe.


If you’re still not sold on the orange and black color combination, this room provides a palatable starting point. Creams and whites help balance the contrast between black and orange. The wallpaper in this room is Imperial Trellis, available at mostĀ Hirshfield’s stores.


Would you use black and orange in your house year round?

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