It’s the Metrodome!

Nick Wiese correctly guessed that Landmark #10 in the Name that Landmark game is in fact the Metrodome! (or is it Mall of America Field, now?) Congrats, Nick!

Landmark #10 is the Metrodome

So, now that you’ve had some fun (we hope!) playing the Name that Landmark game, maybe you’d like to take a crack at the Hirshfield’s Name that Color Contest. In Name that Color, you decide what the names will be for the paints in Hirshfield’s Spring 2010 Collection. If the name you submit is chosen, not only is that name used for the color, but you also win a $100 gift card! Not bad, right? So what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about the Name that Color Contest. (And hurry …contest ends March 26th!)

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