{wallpaper wednesday: thibaut grasscloth resource vol. 4}

Established in 1886, Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Thibaut’s product offering has broadened to include a variety of coordinating print fabrics, furniture, embroideries, and woven upholstery fabrics. Here’s a look at their newest collection of natural wall coverings, Grasscloth Resource Volume 4 is filled with grasscloths, raffia, paper weaves, and sumptuous sisal.

With a palette that is both bold and sophisticated, the striking textures of these wallcoverings provide a level of natural beauty, depth and dimension that few other home decor products can rival.” 

Thibaut Grasscloth Resource Vol. 4

Piedmont is a large-scale printed chevron in multi-color layers. A hint of metallic shines through from the ground.

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We recently did a post on a new trend in wall covering – grasscloth. But pictures just really don’t do this natural, warm material justice. So in this video, Kathy from Hirshfield’s Design Resource, shows us how grasscloth can add an inviting touch to your space.

Be sure to visit Hirshfield’s Design Resource for more information about grasscloth.

{commercial wallcoverings – not just for commercial spaces}

Commercial wallcovering isn’t just for commercial spaces anymore!  According to Hirshfields sales consultant, Becky Eggers from the Rosedale store, commercial wallpaper is a viable option for larger spaces in your home, long hallways, loft spaces or spaces without lots of cutouts – like doors, windows or closets.  The primary reason for this is an average residential wallpaper pattern comes in 20” or 27” width, and commercial paper is usually 54” wide.

Other benefits to ordering commercial papers for your larger spaces include:

They allow for fewer seams.   A wider paper means fewer seams.  Therefore making these papers the perfect choice for long walls without lots of cutouts.  This option also works great for vaulted ceiling rooms allowing you to maximize the larger patterns as well.

They are easier to maintain. Commercial papers are generally meant for high use situations so they are heavier in weight, more washable, durable and strippable.

They provide a broader selection of unique options. Commercial papers have many unusual, progressive choices.  There are many tone-on-tone, textured and geometric patterns you might not see in residential papers.  There are also a variety of more modern or edgy designs for urban spaces.

They can be more economical. While there is a minimum order of 30 yards for commercial styles (equivalent to roughly 360 square feet), ordering fewer commercial rolls at 54” wide may cost less in the end than purchasing the 27” width residential paper.

Depending on the space the labor costs of hanging 54” wallpaper can be less expensive than the 27” wallpaper. Do a comparison on product and labor.

Piqued your interest?  Check out your local Hirshfield’s retail location for the latest design styles in commercial paper for your home.

*Note:  Commercial paper will be a bit more challenging to hang because it is wider and it does require adhesive.

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