{friday finds: what’s new at the design studio}

The staff at the design studio are very excited to share a sampling of new pieces which are arriving weekly, as a result from their last buying trip to High Point Market. More news from the showroom is they’re adding two new lines into “the mix,” and one line will be exclusive to the Hirshfield’s showroom. More on the new lines when pieces start arriving at the showroom.


Handcrafted from reclaimed wood this one-of-a kind sideboard is the focal point of any room, even if you don’t have convex mirrors and boom wall sculptures to glam it up.

Close-up of sideboard doors

Reclaimed bench just unpacked and waiting for a cushion.

Love the detail of the doors.

Boom sculpture on a table or on the wall.

Love purple? These corbel bookends and throw lend the right amount purple to a room.

Twisted vines

The metal grouping looks like birch trees in the fall.

Laying Lotus flew off the walls before Christmas

Laying Lotus used as a centerpiece

Aren’t these one-of-a-kind pieces absolutely gorgeous? You know they are. The photos don’t do them justice. I guarantee you’ll fall in love when you see them.

Can objets d’art be multi-taskers? The staff at the showroom seems to think so:

  • Boom wall sculptures can be hung on the wall or placed on a table
  • Glam it up with mirrors like the showroom did, or keep it simple with a few mirrors
  • Wooden column capitals turned candle holders, grouped together, or used as a single, chunky statement piece
  • Laying Lotus piece used as a wall hanging or centerpiece for a table; this piece mixes cool and warm metallic finish
  • The versatility of the pieces provides an opportunity to use them in multiple rooms

It’s like Christmas at the showroom with the new pieces arriving. Look in the near future for an update on the showroom’s new lines.

Also, as evident by the red tags in the photos, there are still sale items available. Custom made, fabricated headboards are $400 and $500, high-end sofas for $900. Leave a comment if you’d like to see photos.

I hope you enjoyed the “what’s new” theme song.

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