{rugs – the new trend in flooring}

An interior design riddle: For every four-sided room, how many walls are there to consider?

If you said six, you would be correct! Design has expanded from simply putting paint and art on walls to adding crown molding and texture to ceilings and, as this recent Star Tribune article points out, finding the perfect rug to add a special touch to your floor.

You may remember our recent post on wallpaper referencing Sex and the City 2, but did you also notice the rugs in the movie???

The red and pink blooms on the “Candy Flower” rug steal the spotlight in the otherwise mostly neutral living room of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and John (Chris Noth). The rug even has fashion credibility, created by designer brand Marni for the Rug Co. (therugcompany.info), one of a few that specialize in statement-making rugs, often in collaboration with fashion designers, artists and architects.

Candy Flower

The article points out that a rug is a great place to start when decorating a room, because it is the foundation for what everything else goes on. Rugs are also versatile, being easy to layer and embellish throughout the seasons.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you choose a bold rug as your room’s focal point to keep the rest of the furniture simple.

“In a perfect world everyone would start their room décor with a rug or a piece of art,” says Kathy Basil of Hirshfield’s Design Resource. “But if you haven’t, it’s not too late – you can always find a classic, neutral rug to serve as the room’s anchor. If you really want the whole room to work together, there are a lot of great, customizable rug options available.”

And remember to have fun when shopping for rugs! There is really nothing you can’t do, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. How about this super shag, available at Hirshfield’s? Can you say modern retro???

If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, come in to Hirshfield’s Design Resource and let their experts help you navigate the world of flat weave, hand-knotted, contemporary and every other kind of rug available!

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