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As 2010 draws to a close, we can’t help but reflect on the past year and all the things that will define it for future generations. Here is a look back at some of the trends 2010 will be remembered for!

2010 was the year of turquoise! Pantone picked this bold color as their “Color of the Year”, and we embraced it.

Diamond Baratta Design

And we can’t mention turquoise without giving a shout out to Erin at House of Turquoise!

2010 was not the year to be conservative. Bold wallpaper patterns were showing up everywhere.

Abigail Borg

Ecuador pattern by Thibaut

Ecuador pattern by Thibaut

Even Carrie and Mr. Big incorporated bold wallpaper into their fabulous apartment in Sex and the City 2!

This paper is Katie Ridder’s Oiseau pattern

Then there was the resurgence of retro! From the hit show Mad Men to luxurious super shag rugs, retro came back in a modern way.

Mad Men

Creative Accents

Mother Nature also got some props this year, as natural materials became a design staple.

Woven Bamboo

Grasscloth wall covering at Hirshfield's Design Resource

House Beautiful April Issue

Be sure to check back as the team at Hirshfield’s Design Resource gives their predictions for design trends for 2011!

{decorating the “mad men” way}

The styles and trends that impact what we wear and how we decorate our homes can often be tied to what we see in movies and on television. That’s especially true for the resurgence of retro design – thanks to the hit TV show “Mad Men.”

The show’s stylists are meticulous in their search for era-appropriate furnishings, clothing and accessories.

You don’t need a time machine to transport you to those eras. Just check out the vintage pages of 1960s design from House Beautiful magazine.


1960s Kitchen



1960s Living Room


Benjamin Moore 1969 Color Palette from RetroRenovation.com

You can also take a look at the colors of paint that were popular for homes in the 60s. This is Benjamin Moore’s palette from 1969 recently featured in a post from Retro Renovation.

Many of the trends featured on the show are popping up in showrooms and design plans right now. Some ideas for modern furnishings inspired by the show’s era include streamlined club chairs, shag carpeting, tufted headboards and aluminum blinds.


Tufted Headboard



Hunter Douglas Decor Aluminum Blinds


You can read more about Hirshfield’s headboard program here and see our video on what we call super shag here.

If you’re not quite ready to completely redecorate with inspiration from Betty Draper – try out a few accessories. A vintage-looking clock or retro lamp would add impact, without turning back time in your home.


Mid-Century Inspired Room


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