{friday finds: guest post from Pat Verlodt: the color of the future}

I attended the Color Marketing Group Conference earlier this month to participate in their workshops where color directions for the next year or more are discussed and identified. Color Guild has several members who belong to this prestigious group of color professionals that help define where we can look for color to take off in the coming year.

It is no surprise that the talk was centered on the economy and our reaction to it. Global events and influences are commonplace in the group as our members come from all over the world and sharing palettes from those countries made for some interesting observations. For example, when palettes from Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America were consolidated it was determined that purple was represented more than any other color family.

Majestic Plum 1214

Color Is Majestic Plum 1214 represents the forecasted purple, not a surprise when we consider looking at things differently. Designers spend a great deal of time putting a new face on current products, one way to do that is to color it in an unexpected hue. Purple had a reputation for being a feminine color but has mainstreamed to the masculine market in recent years.

Fresh Take 1278 and Paternoster 546

Blue, never absent from the palette, is destined to be a red cast blue such as Color Is Fresh Take, 1278. Neutral Grays such as Color Is Paternoster 546 is a perfect backdrop for this bright and lively blue. Gray was the topic of discussion as a replacement for the common beige, not overtaking it, but giving neutrals a fresh new look.

April Love 1061 and Bad Hair Day 0564

Oranges are down to earth, homage to our appreciation of our planet. Color Is April Love 1061 is a rich deep terra cotta and pairs well with the forecasted Bad Hair Day, 564. This deep green infused neutral is a natural complement to the brighter pops of color.

Best of the Bunch 1068, Heat of the Summer 1025 and Origin 791

Enter the 70’s, a scary thought when most of us remember the 70’s. Colors that populated that period of time are returning in newer and fresher versions. The bright orange Color Is Best of the Bunch, 1068, A yellow cast orange, Color Is Heat of Summer 1025 and a new take on avocado Color Is Origin 791 makes this pattern hop into the 21st century.

Perennial Garden 759 and Petals Unfolding 1092

Color Is Perennial Garden 759 brings the beauty of our gardens into our homes to give us a Mother Nature boost. A soft pink, Color Is Petals Unfolding 1092 adds to this garden bonanza as a soft feminine pink.

Delicious 438 and Dodge Pole 157

Sun rooms are back in style, lots of light and nature’s neutral, green, create a peaceful retreat. Color is Delicious 438 and all the other colors on that stripecard are perfect backgrounds for ecology minded haven. Wood tones complement this look in Color Is Dodge Pole 157, a warm woodsy brown.

The economy has affected all areas of our home, mostly our pocketbooks. With this in mind consumers are taking the economic route of repainting rather than redoing. Take advantage of this trend and show your customers ways to repaint while making a huge change in their environment.

ABOUT PAT VERLODT: Pat has been involved in the world of color for over 40 years. As an advisor to dozens of building products companies – including paint systems, GAF roofing, Alcoa siding and more – Pat shares her expertise in color design, forecasting and trend analysis. Pat has the unique ability to explain color technology to the novice and to combine the scientific with the aesthetic. Pat is a past president, lifetime member and senior chairholder of the Color Marketing Group. Ms. Verlodt makes presentations at trade shows, corporate sales meetings, conventions, seminars, web conferences, and on television and radio. Whether speaking about color trends and where they come from, she gears her talks to the product mix and the audience and has presented all over North America, Europe, China, Australia, South America and South Africa. She has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens and in Harold Linton’s, Color Forecasting, a book about the methods of various color forecasters.

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