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Kitchens are great places to explore using color in your home. But it’s also a space that can be overwhelming – where do you start when you also have floors, cabinets and countertops in the mix? And, don’t forget the finishes on your appliances. Are they white, black or stainless? Those finishes will really impact how a color transforms a space.

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First – start with how you want your kitchen to feel. Do you want it to be relaxing? Energizing? Classic or trendy? Narrowing down the feel for your space will help you take the next step in deciding on your colors.

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Then – head to the paint store! Pick all of the colors you like and then narrow them down to two or three. Cindy at Hirshfield’s in Maple Grove says warm colors like browns, darker reds and golds are really popular right now because they go very well with the newer granite countertops. Cindy says if you can bring in a sample of your countertop and even a wood sample for your cupboards or a floor sample they can really help you narrow down a color to choose. And, she says don’t forget to let them know about the other colors in your home – especially if you have an open floor plan.

Consider natural elements – quartz, stone, granite, wood – when you’re looking at paint. Colors in these tones can really help tie all of the finishes in your space together. This gray and brown kitchen is anything but boring.


Jewel tones really pop against the dark cabinets in this space.


If you have white cabinets – the color you choose for your walls will really stand out. This is a great space for color like the brick red featured in this modern, Asian-inspired kitchen.


If you want to stay neutral on the walls or cabinets – use your countertops, island or backsplash as places to make an impact with color.

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Bon Appetit!

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kohler kitchen_large

You’re still looking for kitchens? Now I’m looking for kitchens! Let me share a few thoughts and photos before I turn you loose on the Kohler Canada website. You’ll love these kitchens.


My kitchen was remodeled in the ’70s. I have dark cabinets, a fake brick wall, hardwood floors, Corian and laminate countertops, a Sub-Zero fridge with the dark stained panels, plus my appliances. It sounds worse than it looks…I think. My plan is to paint my cabinets, buy new hardware, and get new countertops.

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