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As a Minnesota company, Hirshfield’s is proud to offer many Minnesota-made products! Besides Hirshfield’s paint, which is manufactured in Minneapolis and sold throughout the state, Hirshfield’s also offers a range of other products made right here in Minnesota! Each Monday we’ll take a closer look at some of these products, starting today with Graco!

Graco’s story begins on a cold winter day in Minneapolis in 1926. Russell Gray, then a parking lot attendant, figured there had to be a better way to lubricate cars than by using hand-operated grease guns. The temperature that day had dropped so low, the grease was impossible to move. So Russell developed a grease gun powered by air pressure, which was met with rave reviews.

By 1948 the company had moved into the paint industry with the introduction of its first paint pump. In 1957, the Gray Company (the name was changed to Graco in 1969) developed an airless spray gun, cementing the company as a market leader in spray coating and painting.

Hirshfield’s is proud to sell a variety of Graco’s Minnesota-made products in retail locations across the state!

Graco was one of the exhibitors at last year’s Hirshfield’s contractor show:

Hirshfield’s is your local Minneapolis-St. Paul paint retailer. The experts at Hirshfield’s are here to help you with everything from window-treatments to paint colors. Hirshfield’s manufactures paint right here in Minneapolis.

{made in Minnesota products from Hirshfield’s}

When you shop local, you’re supporting local businesses and the people behind them! Hirshfield’s is proud to be a local Minnesota-based, family-owned company, manufacturing paint right here in Minneapolis and selling that paint throughout the state.

But Hirshfield’s sells more than their own Minnesota-made paint. They also sell many other Minnesota-made and USA-made products. Dave Gerber, procurement and distribution manager for Hirshfield’s, spoke with us about Hirshfield’s commitment to purchasing products from other Minnesota and U.S. companies.

How long has Hirshfield’s been manufacturing and selling paint here in Minnesota?
Hirshfield’s has been manufacturing paint in Minneapolis since 1982 and selling paint and painting supplies since 1894.

What products does Hirshfield’s carry that are made right here in Minnesota?
Besides Hirshfield’s line of paint, Hirshfield’s also carries Atrix products which are made in Burnsville, Graco products which are made in Minneapolis and the Handy Paint Pail line which is made in Chanhassen. Hirshfield’s also carries more than 25 other products that are made in the U.S.A.

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