{friday finds: top 15 hirshfield’s paint colors 2014}


 I’d like to introduce Hirshfield’s best-selling paint colors 2014.

Hirshfield’s customers are still loving their neutrals. Not an Emerald Green in the bunch AND seven paint colors from 2010 are best-sellers in 2014. Still the mid-tone neutrals but going pastel. With the popularity of gray, our customers are gravitating towards warm and cozy grays that lean towards the browns.

These Hirshfield’s neutrals are great colors for bridging warm and cool tones in a room. They can go in different directions depending on the other colors in the room; chameleon colors that take on the properties of the colors around it…is it gray or green? Customers like these “safe” colors. They’re familiar, inviting, and play nicely with existing pieces. A neutral palette makes a great backdrop for layering textures and colors, and when it’s time to freshen up your space with different accent colors, having a neutral background makes it so much easier.

What does the future hold for neutrals? Trends forecaster Michelle Lamb shares her insights from the Maison & Objet trade fairs held in September 2013 and January 2014:

Cool, clean mid-tones have been the workhorse of the gray story. This time, they lost ground in a big way. All but banished from the high-end, their most-obvious presence was in less-expensive, mainstream products. Even then, cool gray looked dated.

Meanwhile, the gray version of taupe warmed yet again, moving a step closer to brown. This shift, along with the advance of browns, confirmed that the tables have turned on neutrals popularity. Expect browns, not grays, to be the fashion leaders into 2015. – Trend Curve October 2013

Browns also conveyed an earthy message as they established themselves as the go-to neutral. saturated beige and paper-bag browns were seen more often than chocolate. However, chocolate was building, too. In some upholstery stands, there was a sense of looking over a sea of browns. All those browns made declining grays look even more dated. – Trend Curve February 2014

Time to repaint? This list of best-sellers is a great place to begin your neutral journey. Remember these are computer generated colors. Don’t judge. Stop by one of our retail stores and see for yourself why Hirshfield’s customers are loving their neutrals.

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

{don’t be beige}

July is National Anti-Boredom Month – a month that celebrates all things bold and exciting. Basically all things that are not “beige.” But beige doesn’t have to be boring. If done correctly, beige can be an interesting color that serves as the perfect backdrop for the rest of your design.

Although beige is synonymous with “dull” in most instances, when it comes to color, beige helps keep things exciting. An accent wall of deep plum or fiery red would not be nearly as dramatic without anchoring neutral walls. And how would the pops of color offered by your accessories “pop” without an unassuming backdrop?

House of Turquoise

The purpose of neutrals is not always just to offset other colors. Mixing tones and textures of neutrals can create a fresh, clean look.

House Beautiful

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{friday finds: michelle lamb talks about color & neutrals}

Last month we got some insight from color expert Michelle Lamb, Internationally recognized color-and-trend expert and Editorial Director of The Trend Curve™ in Eden Prairie, on what colors to look for in 2011. According to Michelle, neutrals are expected to make a comeback in a more colorful way, and chameleon neutrals will be making a big impact on design.

In these videos, Michelle talks more about the upcoming design trends to look for in 2011.

Chameleon Neutrals

Color Trends for 2011

{how events change trends}

Do you ever stop to think about what makes a “trend” an actual “trend”? How do we decide what’s in and what’s out each season? Why is something a trend one year but not another?

Color expert, Michelle Lamb of Trend Curve, carefully considers many of these decisions when she puts together her trend forecast. When forecasting trends for the year ahead, Michelle takes many things into consideration – including current events.

The events that can shape trends can be happy news, a big breakthrough of some kind and even something that is impossible to understand. This weekend we’ll pause to remember one of the most difficult moments in our nation’s history – the attacks on September 11, 2001.

We know the events that day changed everything. In this video, Michelle talks about the impact the attacks on 9/11 had on her trend forecast for 2002.

Chameleon Neutrals for 2010-2011

You read our previous post on the Return of Neutrals, now let’s look ahead to the Chameleon Neutrals for 2010-2011. Color expert, Michelle Lamb, shares with us her insights!

Remember, Michelle describes Chameleon Neutrals as those that shift and change based on the light source and surrounding colors. They work extremely well for bridging color and uniting design.

Whisper Pales: These are the lightest of the Chameleons for 2010-2011. This category includes:

  • Veiled Purple, which can pass as a purple, mauve or complex brown
  • Cosmetic Peach, a neutral that can suggest light orange or a flesh-tone beige
  • Almost Cream, where a hint of yellow is balanced by a touch of brown
  • Taupessence, a dry brown-gray
  • Silent Fog, a warm-enough gray that sits on the edge of brown

Pliable Mid-Tones: Reminiscent of dried-flower bouquets and lace handkerchiefs, these colors have an heirloom quality, as though they came from a memory box:

  • Drifting Purple, which leads a double life as a cool brown
  • Restrained Mauve, a rosy brown that feels just as feminine as…
  • …Blended Beige, a make-up foundation look-alike that almost disappears
  • Golden Moss, an option that can go green, gold or even brown
  • Nimbus, standing between gray and brown

Metamorphic Mid-Values: Embody the metamorphosis of one colored neutral to another:

  • Novel Violet, a purple, gray or a brown
  • Tea Leaf, which suggests dark caramel or burnt-sugar gold
  • Hybrid Brown, another dry look that verges on gray
  • Ingenious Olive, with overtones of khaki brown
  • Flint, an ever drier brown that boarders on gray

Changeling Deeps: Not only the darkest-value neutrals in the group, but are also the most colorful:

  • Murky Brown could pass for a dark burgundy because it has so much red…
  • …Turbulent Blue can work as s steel gray
  • Petrologic Green is another option for gray; it simply goes to the warm side
  • Lamina could be green or golden brown
  • Mineralite is definitely a gray – until it becomes a cool brown

These new, colorful neutrals allow homeowners to dabble with color while maintaining a neutral point of view. Safe and daring all in one!

{the return of neutrals}

When choosing a paint color for your home, neutrals have always been perceived as the “safe” choice. You don’t have to worry about your cherry red coming out bubble gum pink and you know your current decor will work with it. Neutral walls also give you a blank canvas to add and subtract color in other areas as trends change—throw pillows, rugs, art, etc.

But while design and color trends change, it is also important to note that neutral trends also change. They are revised every few years to better fit with consumer lifestyles and preferences. Internationally recognized color-and-trend expert and Editorial Director of The Trend Curve™ in Eden Prairie, Michelle Lamb, credits today’s interest in updating everything—including basics—to “Design Thinking,” the elevation of good design at every price point. With a rise in Design Thinking, consumers became more confident in their understanding of trends, as well as their own personal style.

The beige and off-whites of the 80’s and 90’s has given way to more personal neutrals – neutrals with an overlay of trend.

Michelle points out that the return of neutrals began in 2005 with Skin Tones such as Peach, Pink, Buff and Brown. Then came the Desert Neutrals in 2007, which changed the focus from skin-tones to earth tones such as Pebble, Salt Flat, Shale and Patagonia.

Looking now at 2010-2011, Michelle predicts the newest neutrals will be even more sophisticated. They will not be colorful like skin-tones or natural like the desert collection, but they will have another trait that will make them even more interesting and much easier to personalize. They will have chameleon qualities.

Chameleon Neutrals will be a collection of 20 tones in values from pale to deep that shift and change based on light source and surrounding color. Is it gray or purple? Brown or mauve? Blue or green? Could be either depending on when you look!

Stay tuned for more insight from Michelle Lamb on the Chameleon Colors of 2010-2011 in our next blog post!

{friday finds: red, white, and blue}

In a nod to Flag Day, June 14, and my own fondness for Old Glory and the Union Jack, I pulled together some images I thought you might enjoy.

With the “farm” look (a.k.a. country) becoming increasingly popular, and with the London Olympics fast approaching, we’ll be seeing more of these patriotic symbols and colors decorating our homes.

We take the stars and blue union from heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty. George Washington, 1777,  interpreting the Second Continental Congress’ description of the flag. (Country Living, July 2002)

Before 1912 there were no specific guidelines as to how the flag should look. President Howard Taft presented guidelines regarding the configuration of the stars in the 48-star flag.

Keep your eye on Jan Constantine and her beautiful works of art. She has been commissioned to produce the official London 2012 Olympics designs.


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