{friday finds: get your zig zag on}

Osborne & Little

House Beautiful May 2009

Have you noticed the presence of chevron and herringbone designs in home decor and fashion? Rugs, flooring, fabric, wallcovering, handbags; that zig zag is all over. It knows no boundaries, mixing it up with every style.

Things That Inspire

The difference between chevron and herringbone? From Things That Inspire …a chevron style floor, where the planks are set on the diagonal, and meet in a center line. On the right, the herringbone pattern, where the planks are also set on a diagonal, but interlace.

Things That Inspire and Door Sixteen have some gorgeous chevron and herringbone floors.  The wide plank chevron, ooh-la-la. I don’t think I have ever seen a herringbone or chevron hardwood floor in Minnesota. Are they out there?

Lonny April-May Rubie Green fabric

Thibaut Herringbone Weave

Detail of Herringbone Weave wallcovering

Mary McDonald


This floor is stained to create a chevron pattern - Coastal Living

Mother of pearl wallcovering from Maya Romanoff - Hirshfield's Design Resource

Arren Williams

Lonny magazine April/May

Benjamin Moore

Ralph Lauren fabric - Hirshfield's Design Resource

I’m not quite finished with chevron and herringbone. I have some good looking DIY projects that might pique your interest, which I will share in another post.

Do you have any herringbone or chevron in your home? Share a photo as we would love to see how you are using this pattern.

{friday finds: the beauty room}

What brought me to The Beauty Room on the corner of 43rd & Chicago, was Sonja, my go-to person when it comes to my eyebrows. You know how it is when you have someone good and they move to a new salon, you follow.

The Beauty Room moved to their present location in March of 2010. Mi Shaun, the owner, did a great job in creating a welcoming space. High ceilings, lots of natural light, dark chocolate velvet sofas, chandeliers, pink side chairs, and beautiful wallpaper. I was so pleased to see all the wallpaper I had to go back and take some photos. It’s all about the paper.

The damask on the far wall is a scrubbable, peelable, solid sheet vinyl. The wallpaper looks so rich and wonderful I had to run my hand across it to see if it was vinyl, fabric or paper. It looks so much more expensive than the actual cost.

This detail of the paper shows the pattern and the color. This image is actually closer to the true color than the first photo…the lighting makes it look golden.

On the back wall, the middle section is a flexible glass bead wallcovering, trimmed out in velvet wrapped molding. This type of wallpaper shows every seam, so Jane Hedin, Goddess of paperhangers, railroaded, or hung it horizontal, so she did not have any seams showing. The glass bead wallcovering is very heavy. Jane had another paper hanger stop by and help her with the install. This beadazzled accent wall gives the reception area an extra sparkle and touch of glam when stepping up to the front desk.

I know the photos do not do the space justice, but at least you get an idea of how wallcovering takes a space from, nothing out of the ordinary, to an amazing space.

The two damasks are from the Mirage Signature V and Bellagio books which Hirshfield’s carries at most locations. Hirshfield’s carries glass bead wallcovering from Maya Romanoff, and Enchanting Glass Bead Wallcovering which are similar to the product Mi Shaun used.

Thanks to Mi Shaun for allowing us to take photos of her sassy salon. If you are in need of some  beautifying services click here to see what the salon offers.

Go-to list:

The Beauty Room
4300 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Sonja Boatman
Eyebrow Expert (tint and wax)

Jane Hedin
Wallpapering By Jane
Jane is a longtime customer and good friend of Hirshfield’s. She is so good at what she does, you will not be disappointed. She is a member of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.

Phil (Roseville) and Jon (Edina) get the assists for helping Mi Shaun with her wallpaper selections.

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