{friday finds: kanthas}

An Indian Summer

Look what Greg brought back from market; beautiful, one-of-a kind, handmade throws called Kanthas.

Kantha refers to a running stitch, or stitched motif, on vintage cotton saris, or other pieces of worn cotton textiles which can no longer be used as clothing. The kantha is pieced, layered, stitched, and is very similar to a thin quilt. Kanthas are embroidered by women from West Bengal, India and Bangladesh; and like American quilts, they are made for special celebrations, such as a birth, wedding, and other special occasions.

A kantha is one of those versatile pieces that can move from room to room:

  • In the bedroom, it can be folded at the end of a bed
  • Use as a bed spread
  • I just saw a headboard and chair covered in a suzani;  you could do the same with a kantha.
  •  Draped on the arm of your sofa, chair, or pouf in a family room or living room
  • If your room is looking a little too matchy-matchy, a kantha would add that “unexpected”
  • Cushion covers for your patio furniture
  • Pillows
  • Perfect for napping.*

Stop by Hirshfield’s showroom if you’re interested in these one-of-a-kind originals; a great gift idea for a special person.

*TACTILE ALERT: Because the fabric is worn, the fabric hand, or the way the fabric feels to the touch, is so incredibly soft and smooth. If you’re a tactile person you know what I’m talking about.

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