{prepping your home’s interior and exterior}

March 20 marked the first official day of spring, and that means it’s time to start your spring cleaning! Now that the days are longer and the sun is shining abundantly, you’ll want your home’s exterior in great shape to show off your house. When the inevitable April showers arrive, focus on improving your home’s interior. These tips can help!

Old Man Winter spent a lot of time visiting this past season, and exterior finishes were ravaged by the harsh conditions. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in rejuvenating a home battered by ice, wind, and snow time and again this winter.

Outside, use lush landscape to highlight your home’s best features, whether it’s a large lawn or bay windows. Greenery and bright blooms will add color and vibrancy to your lot, which will continue to flourish as spring turns into summer.

This Old House

Another way to boost curb appeal is through simple changes. Give your windows a good cleaning. Power wash decks and patios. Paint or replace your front door to give your home a whole new look.


Design Buzz

Inside, give each room in your house a thorough cleaning. Get rid of clutter and place items you no longer use in storage. Create shelving units or find furniture, baskets, or containers that can keep books, magazines, and remotes out of sight and free of dust.

Architects for Life

For a new, refreshed look in your home, rearrange the layout of your furniture or add slipcovers to give your space a makeover with new patterns, designs, and styles. You can also restore floors by waxing linoleum and steaming carpets.

Update your kitchen and bathroom by replacing hardware. Change knobs, handles, and fixtures with different sizes, shapes, or colors for a whole new look.


Kitchen Improved

Make your house the most beautiful on the block! What plans do you have to invigorate your home this season?

{interior projects keep winter blues at bay}

As summer winds down, I go from panic to peace (and back to panic) imagining the number of hours I’ll be spending indoors over the next four months. On the one hand, the cold keeps me from my daily power-walks (so I feel fat and unhealthy), but on the other hand, I am somewhat ready to immerse myself in the warm and inviting cocoon I call home.

But from experience I know that, as time chips away on a long, cold winter, my house will start feeling less like a cocoon and more like a jail cell (yes, you guessed it – my family members become my troublesome inmates).  So I have a plan.  Instead of breaking out of jail to escape to warmer climates, I’ve decided to get to my laundry list of interior projects to occupy my time and keep the winter blues at bay.

Here’s my Survive-the-Winter To-do List:

  • Wallpapering my dining room: Last winter, I spent considerable effort choosing new light fixtures, curtains (long and heavy wine-colored linen curtains) and paint for the walls (a welcome-stay-a-while sage green). But somehow, the room just isn’t right.  So, I have decided to go back to my long-ago staple of home decor: wallpapering. I’m finding the options to be limitless, and it’s a fairly easy do-it-yourself weekend project.  I was ecstatic to see that Hirshfield’s choices of wallpapers are immense, and I’ve already spent hours perusing their books and taking home samples. Now I’m in the process of narrowing down my selection – but here’s my dilemma: do I go vintage or modern? Stay tuned!
  • Painting my 4-season porch: With frost soon clinging to my porch windows, this is the time to spruce it up with thoughts of summer. A buttery orange is high on my list, but again, the color wheel is still spinning.
  • Window coverings: I’m at a time in my life where I have decided to rid myself of the cheap vinyl blinds hanging in several of my bathrooms. I’m already dreaming of the fresh new textures and products available, and I’ve got my heart set on roman shades.

As we ease into winter, I will soon have my hands full with these (and other) home improvement projects.

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