{breathing easy with no v.o.c paint}

Friday Finds: Zero Emissions and Zero Sacrifice with Natura Paint

Choosing a No VOC paint used to mean going green at the expense of something else. Maybe the quality wasn’t very good, or you just couldn’t find the perfect shade. Fear not – No VOC paints have vastly improved over the years. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the benefits of a No VOC paint – no odor, better air quality, non-toxic – without losing the great quality of a regular paint.

Unlike other low VOC paints, Natura Paint can be tinted with any of the Benjamin Moore colors, without adding VOCs. This gives you more than 3,000 shades to choose from. Also, Natura not only offers No VOC paint, but takes it one step further with “No Emissions” Paint – a guarantee that there are zero VOC emissions detected from the paint. In other words, you and your family won’t be inhaling emissions from compounds like formaldehyde and acetone – talk about breathing easy!

Check out their latest commercial. This may be the most challenging project we’ve ever seen:

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{selecting paint: hirshfield’s color call}

Expert help on selecting paint colors.

Some people are born with a gift of knowing color and style. They sense instinctively what would look perfect in this space or that, what color would add a pop of visual interest, what neutrals work best in what lighting. Thankfully, for the rest of us who don’t have that innate knowledge, there’s help.

Hirshfield’s offers in-home color consulting, where a colorist comes to your home, sees your house’s layout and furniture and discusses your personal style, preferences and wishes for the space. The call lasts a little more than one hour. After the visit you’ll get a color plan mailed to you and a $20 gift card toward a Hirshfield’s paint purchase. The cost is $150, and color stylist Belinda Dietrich says that her clients tell her it is a valuable service and worth every penny.

Dietrich recommends that homeowners think about specific areas they want to focus on so that they can best use their time with the stylist effectively. They should spend some time beforehand visualizing the mood they want the space to imbue—cozy and intimate, bright and energetic, luxurious or elegant. Dietrich might ask her customer to find one thing they love in their space as an inspiration or focal point. Read the rest of this entry »

{interior paint solutions: cracking and flaking}

Repair your cracking and flaking walls.

We’re assuming cracking and flaking were not the desired paint effects you were hoping for. Paint can either accent a room or become a glaring distraction when there is a mistake. Don’t let cracking and flaking become the focal point of an otherwise appealing room.peeling

Cracks can begin small, but don’t be fooled. They will grow and worsen with time if not properly treated. Cracking occurs when aged paint splits through at least one coat with flaking soon to follow. This occurs when old oil based paint loses adhesion, flexibility and becomes hard and brittle. Poor surface preparation, over-thinning, or overspreading paint beyond manufacturer’s recommendations is what leads to this unfortunate result.

“Alligatoring” can occur in extreme cases when a second or third coat of paint is applied before the previous coat dries completely, or when the undercoat is incompatible with the finish coat. For example, never layer an oil-based paint over latex paint.

Return your walls to their desired flake-free state with these steps:

  1. Begin the fix by removing all loose paint with a scraper.
  2. Sand the surface and feather the edges.
  3. Spot prime areas to be repaired*.
  4. Spackle deep scars caused by cracking/flaking of multiple coats of paint and sand.
  5. Remove all sanding dust.
  6. Reprime any bare areas.

Prepping and priming is the essential key for better adhesion, sheen uniformity, mildew control, and durability. Complete your work by topping it off with a quality Hirshfield’s interior paint in the color and sheen of your choice.

* The reason to prime before repair is because the old surface is thirsty, and will pull the liquid portion out of your repair, causing a poor bond.

Since Frank  and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened his first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

{gifts for mom from Hirshfield’s}

“A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”
– Marion C. Garretty, quoted in A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

Moms give us strength, encouragement and a loving place to call home. The least we can do in return is show our appreciation on Mother’s Day!

The team at Hirshfield’s paint in the Twin Cities and surrounding area knows that moms do a lot inside and outside the home to keep things running, organized and looking beautiful. So why not offer her a little reprieve or assistance with these tasks this Mother’s Day?

A Hirshfield’s gift card allows mom pick out the right paint, stain and/or window coverings to create the living space she has always dreamed of. And like they say, a gift card is always the right size!

best paint colors Twin Cities

Wall: Hirshfield’s Millennium line: Still Creek

Mom might also like to be treated to a Hirshfield’s color call. Whether she is looking for a fresh coat of paint on the interior or exterior of her home, a Hirshfield’s color professional can come out for an in-home color consultation to help her select the perfect color. To read more about how a color call works, check out our blogs on Hirshfield’s Color Calls and Painting your Home’s Exterior.

Twin Cities paint

Dining room background is 0401 Bamboo Forest and 0634 Day Spa is the accent color. Bachman’s Fall Ideas House 2011.

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at Hirshfield’s. And if there are any moms out there reading this post, we would like to honor you with the Mom’s Opera Saga! (And feel free to send this blog link along to your family members as a “hint, hint” for gift ideas!)

{avoid the color clunker}

Your paint sample options have been greatly expanded at Hirshfield’s. Now you have 6,820 glorious colors to “test drive!”

Try one of 2,016 Glidden paint samples available in quarts… 3,356 Benjamin Moore paint samples in pints…1,448 Hirshfield’s paint samples in pints.

Plus, the Big Swatch and Benjamin Moore Color Sample jars. We have it all!

Benjamin Moore color samples

Benjamin Moore color samples

All on sale until September 24, 2009 at 50-60% off! A Hirshfield’s demo pint is $2.49! (It’s a big deal-I thought it was bold worthy)

The new sampling arrived at the perfect time, as my daughter and I are going around and around about “feel the energy” and “willow springs green.” I’m not feeling the love she is for these garish greens; these are color clunkers. Now we can slap both of them on the wall for $6, and get the pinks she wants out of the Hirshfield’s line for $5.

I just remembered my room at her age, garish green and lemon yellow. Hmm, maybe I’ll be a nice mom for one day and let her choose her colors.

Hirshfield’s is doing our part to stimulate the economy, in addition to the sample sale we are giving away a $1,500 trip. No purchase necessary, so stop by one of our retail locations by September 24, and sign on the line.

When you win you’ll have to drop us a line.

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