{five color myths}

1. Does this match?

Have you had someone show you a color choice and ask, does this match? I have been put in that situation dozens of times and can’t help but reply in all honesty;  “no it does not match, but it does coordinate”. In order for a color to match it has to be the same exact color whereas if it looks good next to its companion then it is a good coordinate.

2. Red will raise your heart rate

Red will only raise your heart rate if it is entire room of red that is highly illuminated and you have to spend a great deal of time in it for the color to make your heart speed up.

3. The best room designs are those that have coordinated fabrics in the same patterns

These “matchy, matchy “ rooms are out of style, it is better to have a variety of colors and patterns that look good together rather than using  the same pattern over and over again.

4. Red cars attract traffic police

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