{avoid the color clunker}

Your paint sample options have been greatly expanded at Hirshfield’s. Now you have 6,820 glorious colors to “test drive!”

Try one of 2,016 Glidden paint samples available in quarts… 3,356 Benjamin Moore paint samples in pints…1,448 Hirshfield’s paint samples in pints.

Plus, the Big Swatch and Benjamin Moore Color Sample jars. We have it all!

Benjamin Moore color samples

Benjamin Moore color samples

All on sale until September 24, 2009 at 50-60% off! A Hirshfield’s demo pint is $2.49! (It’s a big deal-I thought it was bold worthy)

The new sampling arrived at the perfect time, as my daughter and I are going around and around about “feel the energy” and “willow springs green.” I’m not feeling the love she is for these garish greens; these are color clunkers. Now we can slap both of them on the wall for $6, and get the pinks she wants out of the Hirshfield’s line for $5.

I just remembered my room at her age, garish green and lemon yellow. Hmm, maybe I’ll be a nice mom for one day and let her choose her colors.

Hirshfield’s is doing our part to stimulate the economy, in addition to the sample sale we are giving away a $1,500 trip. No purchase necessary, so stop by one of our retail locations by September 24, and sign on the line.

When you win you’ll have to drop us a line.

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