{kids rooms for all ages}

Creating a child’s room can be a fun design project. Colors and themes are really only limited by your imagination.But, you do want to consider how the room will grow with the child. Making some smart decisions in the beginning will save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run.

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{fantasy rooms for children}

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” transports children to the far away land of Narnia – encountering dragons, dwarves and lost warriors.

"The Chronicles of Narnia"

The movie, and book, may have your child dreaming of fantastical adventures. What better way to spur his or her imagination than with a bedroom that immerses them in a land of make-believe?

First, start with the bed. This can be as simple as the bedding you choose – but you can also get creative with headboards. Why not create a castle or shield for the head of a bed?


If painting on a wall seems intimidating – there are some amazing stick-and-peel products to use. You can check out catalogs for Wall Pops and RoomMates products at Hirshfield’s. If you have a younger child, these Dragon Hunter wall stickers are fun and colorful.

RoomMates Wall Stickers

How about creating a magic wardrobe for your child? This is an amazing addition to a room – if you have the space. It could even be a do-it-yourself project with a reclaimed armoire.

Magic Wardrobe

Consider using an image of a lamppost – which is a key part of the stories – or lion in honor of the character Aslan to bring “Narnia” home to your child.


Finally, use maps to lead your children through the story of a magical journey. Decorating with maps is a big trend right now and popular in all kinds of spaces. You can be literal and use a map from Narnia, or simply look for a map of the world to plan your adventures.

Map of Narnia

Room for Children by Susanna Salk

{harry potter at home}

This week we’re hearing a lot about Muggles, horcruxes and our favorite wizard, Harry Potter. The second-to-last movie in the series has us thinking of magical ways to decorate a child’s room.

One way to get started is to check out the RoomMates catalog at your neighborhood Hirshfield’s store. The company makes some incredible peel-and-stick artwork for a room.



Or, consider using paint and some unique furniture to bring the books and movies to life for a child. This room creates a fantasy with a dreamy purple color, car bed and suitcase dresser.

Design Dazzle

You can also consider adding accents of brooms, hats, books and owls to a child’s room to pay homage to the Harry Potter series.

How would you bring a little magic and fantasy to a child’s room? We love to read your comments!

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