{friday finds: creative ways to use chalkboard paint in the kitchen}

Transform your kitchen with Benjamin Moor Chalkboard Paint.

You can create your own erasable, washable chalkboard wherever you need it with Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint, available at select Hirshfield’s locations.  Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint can be tinted to any Benjamin Moore paint color, except the Color Stories collection. Transform your kitchen into an interactive and creative space with these chalkboard paint ideas. Go ahead, write on the walls — and the table and the cabinets and the ceiling!

Refrigerator Art

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen

Take your children’s art to the next level. Don’t simply hang their pictures on the refrigerator. Instead make the unit an ever-changing display case of doodles and drawings! Make the refrigerator into a multipurpose piece of art in itself. Read the rest of this entry »

(friday finds: junk bonanza spring 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHousekeeping at the end of the day at Junk Bonanza…

Hirshfield’s has been out at Junk Bonanza these past two days and loving every minute of it. Junkers are loving Cottage Paint, the 50+ colors, and loving the on-going Cottage Paint demos being held in our booth and in the Cottage Paint classroom. There’s a lotta love at Junk Bonanza!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Spring Junk Bonanza; the show opens at 9:00am and runs until 5:00pm. Vendors restock every evening; rearranging their booths with new pieces pulled out of trucks and trailers…some of the vendors have living quarters in their trailers. Crazy creative are the junking crowd.


From start to finish on this small table…using Cottage Paint and Cottage Paint Waxes


Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallics on a cardboard “H”


Showcasing the different products at the H’s booth


Enough about us… here’s Junk Bonanza.







I met people from all over the country who come to shop at Junk Bonanza…Colorado, Arkansas, Thunder Bay, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Toronto, and the list goes on.  I can’t say enough good things about the whole Junk Bonanza experience.

I apologize for the lateness of this post. Hopefully, you’re able to experience Junk Bonanza tomorrow. One last thing, I thought “the junk” was priced to sell.

P.S. I almost forgot to mention the Weddings Lab. This is where brides-to-be can gather inspiration for their own weddings from four different themed vignettes, featuring vintage and repurposed ideas.

{new year’s resolution: get your home organized}

Raise your hand if you made a New Year’s resolution this year!

Making the resolution is the easy part, the hard part is actually following through! Have no fear, the team at Hirshfield’s is here to keep you accountable! All month long we’ll be bringing your tips and advice to help stick to your home improvement resolutions. We’ll be covering topics such as adding color to your space and picking the best “green” products for your home. We’ll kick off our New Year’s resolution month with our best tips for getting your home organized!

Clever Storage Solutions
Shelves and cabinets aren’t the only storage solutions. Invest in pieces that serve double-duty, such as ottomans and benches that open up to store blankets, pillows and other odds and ends. Have you ever considered using a toothbrush holder to store those rampant pens and pencils laying around your home office? Or decorative glass jars to store miscellaneous kitchen and bathroom clutter? Better Homes & Gardens offers these clever storage solutions and more!

home organiztion

Better Homes & Gardens

Label It
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{friday finds: benjamin moore chalkboard paint at hirshfield’s}

Chalkboards aren’t just for the classroom! With Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint, available at select Hirshfield’s locations, you can create your own erasable, washable chalkboard wherever you need it – at home, at the office or in the kids’ room. And don’t assume that your blackboard has to be black. Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint can be tinted to any Benjamin Moore paint color (except the Color Stories collection).

Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint, available in any color, lets you turn virtually any interior surface into an easy-to-clean chalkboard. It goes on smoothly, just like other paints and is formulated to minimize lingering odors.

Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint

  • Available in any color
  • Easy to apply
  • Washable
  • Quick drying
  • Best used with Prang Hygieia Chalk (available at office supply stores and educational stores) and a quality eraser

Here are some of our favorite ideas for using Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint:

Kids’ Activity Center

Minneapolis paint

Benjamin Moore

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{friday finds: it’s a paint party}



Apartment Therapy

I’m so in the painting mood! Maybe not so much painting an entire room one (yawn) color, but something along the lines of these very cool painting projects. Listening to the personable Kim Yeager share her tips and techniques from The Art of Junk seminars* Hirshfield’s has been hosting, certainly adds fuel to the creative fire. Also, Benjamin Moore’s brand new chalkboard paint is available in over 3,000 colors! Grab a Benny Moore fan deck and pick out a paint color for your chalkboard. So far I’ve tried orange, pastel green and violet. All look amazing. I’m waiting for that special piece to present itself so I can “do up” my own chalkboard. Hopefully it’s on the curb and free. Read the rest of this entry »

{should your walls go black?}

The Hartford Courant does a short Q&A with Stephen Drucker, editor-in-chief of House Beautiful. Maybe, this will help you decide if your dark side should be released!


Domino bedroom

Addendum: I know the walls look blue, but the wall finish is Benny Moore’s chalkboard paint. The photo is from Jenna Lyon’s bedroom. (Domino November 2008)

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