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Cole & Son

Close up of Thibaut paper

This “high/low” post over at Style at Home caught my eye because I recognized the wallpapers. When a customer requests “bird wallpaper” these  two patterns are often pulled by the staff to show to the customer.  The papers have a lot in common; variety of color ways, quality paper, both good-looking patterns; the price point* is what sets them apart. Is it worth more money to the customer to have a more stylized, block or screen printed pattern shipped from the UK?  Or is the customer happy with the Thibaut paper, made in the states, less expensive, but less stylized pattern?

There is a $4,300 price difference between the two rooms. I know. Sometimes it’s hard to settle for the low, when the high is so perfect. Head on over to Style at Home for the breakdown. Would you settle for the “low” room?

Both “bird papers” are available at most Hirshfield’s retail locations, call first before making a special trip.

*The pricing on the wallcovering is misleading. The $250 bolt of Cole & Son is equal to a little more than a double roll of paper. It is priced at $250 a bolt, because you have to purchase in full bolts. The Thibaut paper is priced out per single roll at $84. A more “apple to apple” comparison would be $168 for a double roll of the Thibaut paper.

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