{8 tips to get your home ready for winter}

Although it’s not as fun as holiday decorating, preparing your home for the upcoming winter months is crucial for saving money and keeping your home cozy and warm all season long. And no matter how mild our weather has been so far, you know the cold weather is coming. So, here are eight tips to get your home ready for winter.


  • Rake your leaves before the snow hits. Although they look beautiful, if snow covers your leaves, it can inhibit spring regrowth.
  • Take a lap around your home to look for any simple home repairs that need to be made before the temperature drops too low to mend them.
  • Check your pipes to prevent any unwanted pipe bursts this chilly winter. Make sure that they are all properly insulated and ready for the temperature drop. Turning off your water to the outside water faucets is also an option.
  • Make sure to reverse your ceiling fans! The tricky little switch on your fan will turn your fan clockwise and push warm air down into the room.Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.43.36 PM
  • Stock up on all of the winter necessities. The winter cold means ice and lots of snow, so make sure you have snow shovels, salt for your sidewalks, emergency kits for your home and your car, and also make sure to have ice scrapers for your car windows.
  • Just like your car, your heating system needs occasional tune-ups. If you haven’t taken the time to make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape, do so. Many different companies offer free checkups, so take advantage of them. Did you know you can check out Home Energy Kits and Power Check Kits from your local library? Compliments of Excel Energy.


  • Create a draft blocker for underneath drafty doors to save money on energy this winter. You can either buy one or make your own. You can even roll up an old towel and set it at the base of your door.
  • Caulk or weather strip around areas where cold air may leak in. Anywhere where there are corners or different materials meet in order to prevent your energy bill from going up.

These are just a few simple steps that you can take in order to prepare yourself for the cold months ahead. So get to work, and have a safe and warm winter.

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{interior decorating: when to save and when to splurge}

Interior decorating is fun. But it can also be expensive. If you start to redo a room, it feels like the budget is never big enough for all the things you dream up. So, where should you splurge, and just as importantly, where can you save? Kathy Basil is the manager of our Hirshfield’s Design Studio, and she has some great advice: “I do my investment piece first, and then I work from there.” Every room is different, but for a living room, Kathy suggests starting with the rug and the main piece of furniture — and saving on accessories.

When To Splurge

“You have a budget, and you spend it where you need to spend it and you save it where you need to save it, but every room, in my opinion needs to have an investment piece. Or a couple, if you can.”

“I want a great rug,” she says, “and I’m going to spend some money on this rug, because if I buy an inexpensive Olefin rug (made with a polypropylene fiber), it’s going to look good for a few months, and then it’s going to compact and collect every bit of dust around it. And it’s going to stop looking good, and I’m not going to be happy.”

Vanguard Furniture at Hirshfield's

Vanguard Furniture available at Hirshfield’s Design Studio

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{color spotlight: designing with navy blue}


Navy blue is incredibly versatile. Whatever mood you’re looking to create, you can likely do it with navy blue. A navy accent wall can add depth to a small room, or you can use it when you’d like to go dark, but not quite black. If you need some navy blue inspiration, here are four different ways you can design with navy blue.

Navy and White Means Crisp and Preppy

Looking to create a bright and fresh mood in your room? Navy blue and bright white is a great way to do that.

You can also use navy blue and white to create a maritime feel: Read the rest of this entry »

{friday finds: don’t make these interior design mistakes}

Design inspiration is everywhere. Watch TV, read this blog, or pick through Pinterest, and you’ll find plenty of  exciting design ideas. But sometimes that’s a problem. How you put them together is where you really make the magic — or make a mess.


So, in the spirit of “putting it all together,” our Hirshfield’s professionals put together a list of interior design mistakes you shouldn’t make.

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{design inspiration: best ways to hide your tv}

If it’s not an NFL Sunday, your television should not be the main focal point of your living room. Yet so many people fall into that trap.

Yes, a 60-inch TV may be impressive (not to mention expensive), but it’s not a piece of furniture. There are many ways to make your TV blend more effectively — or even hide it — to give your space a more classy look. So, unless you want to call it a TV room, use these tips to highlight the rest of your room.


Matching Styles | Apartment Therapy

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{friday finds: 5 examples of awesome halloween decor}

Halloween is just around the corner, and to invite those adorable trick-or-treaters, consider adding some Halloween décor to make your home festive and ready for the spooky holiday.halloween

Here are five quick and easy ways to add some (pumpkin) spice for the holiday:

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{window treatment wednesday: tips for window covering safety month}

They make our homes and windows beautiful, but window coverings can be dangerous for small children and pets. That’s why the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) hold National Window Covering Safety Month every October.

It’s a chance to urge caregivers to check their window coverings for exposed or dangling cords, which pose a strangulation hazard to infants and young children, and to replace them as soon as possible with safer blinds and shades. WCSC and CPSC strongly recommend that only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords be used in homes with young children.



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