{bits & pieces: leather flooring made from… }

How seriously cool is this leather rug repurposed from belts? Can you stand it? I have to give credit to Cupboards for sharing the Ting love. Did anyone else instantly think, ” I can do that?” Head over to Cupboards for more leather love!

Wall treatment from belts

{friday finds: bachman’s spring ideas house 2012}

Tablescape in sunroom

Welcome to Bachman’s Spring Ideas House 2012.

“A Relaxing Renewal” celebrates spring energy and renewal. It’s all about relaxing, organizing, getting together with friends and watching things grow.”  Read the rest of this entry »

{friday finds: kanthas}

An Indian Summer

Look what Greg brought back from market; beautiful, one-of-a kind, handmade throws called Kanthas.

Kantha refers to a running stitch, or stitched motif, on vintage cotton saris, or other pieces of worn cotton textiles which can no longer be used as clothing. The kantha is pieced, layered, stitched, and is very similar to a thin quilt. Kanthas are embroidered by women from West Bengal, India and Bangladesh; and like American quilts, they are made for special celebrations, such as a birth, wedding, and other special occasions.

A kantha is one of those versatile pieces that can move from room to room:

  • In the bedroom, it can be folded at the end of a bed
  • Use as a bed spread
  • I just saw a headboard and chair covered in a suzani;  you could do the same with a kantha.
  •  Draped on the arm of your sofa, chair, or pouf in a family room or living room
  • If your room is looking a little too matchy-matchy, a kantha would add that “unexpected”
  • Cushion covers for your patio furniture
  • Pillows
  • Perfect for napping.*

Stop by Hirshfield’s showroom if you’re interested in these one-of-a-kind originals; a great gift idea for a special person.

*TACTILE ALERT: Because the fabric is worn, the fabric hand, or the way the fabric feels to the touch, is so incredibly soft and smooth. If you’re a tactile person you know what I’m talking about.

{friday finds: bachman’s holiday ideas house 2011}


“The Elegance of Winter” is the theme for Bachman’s Holiday Ideas House 2011.

  Expect to see creamy whites, cool blues, celadon, soft greens and shimmering metallic accents mixed in with botanical elements and natural textures. Vintage architectural pieces, such as repurposed porch posts and railings, will add historic charm throughout the house. Needless to say, it’s definitely not your traditional red and green Christmas! Read the rest of this entry »

{bits & pieces: o’verlays}

Have you seen these very cool fretwork panels called O’verlays? Attach a fretwork panel and turn a plain piece of furniture into the focal point of any room. They are made of a lightweight composite and are paintable. They can be used on windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, and more.

To see more patterns and to read about this product go to O’verlays website.

{bachman’s fall ideas house fall 2011}

Bachman’s Fall Ideas House “A Transition of Seasons & Styles” September 15, 2011 – October 9, 2011

Guess what?  If your name is drawn, the contents of the sunroom (above) can be yours! No purchase necessary, just enter your name in the drawing at Bachman’s on Lyndale. And Hirshfield’s is giving away four gallons of the wall color 0634 Day Spa.

Decorative doors from the Wisconsin State Capital used in the living room vignette on the right. The coffee table is made from windows and salvaged wood filled with vintage print blocks.

Teaching your little genius numbers, words, and the alphabet would be easy peasy in this pre-schoolers bedroom.

Gorgeous antique armoire painted glossy white with a customized interior. The detailing on the front of the armoire adds to its charm.

Fall tablescape in the dining room.

This room is called the “casual office & family room.” The paint used in this room can’t decide if it wants to be a gray, green or beige, which makes it a perfect bridging color. The saying on the pillow has me thinking:

“When was the last time you did anything for the first time?”

There is so much more to see inside and outside at the Fall Ideas House. It’s always fun to see what, and how, the staff repurposed all the pieces (for sale) throughout the house. I guess that’s why they call it the “Ideas House.”

Bachman’s suggests calling in advance for your ticket and remember they are not open on Mondays and  the last tour slot is at 5:00. I have not run into crowds on my visits as I try and go at the end of the day. If you’ve never been through the house, remember the saying on the pillow, “When was the last time you did anything for the first time?”

Number one question asked of the “keepers of the castle” at the Bachman’s ideas house?

What color is the paint…?

The paint is brought to you by Hirshfield’s and Benjamin Moore.

Front Porch
Trim 0012 Bunny Cake
Floor 0211 Light Lichen
Entry & Stairwell 0278 Barberry Sand
Living Room 0884 Gold Tweed
0634 Day Spa
0401 Bamboo Forest
0884 Gold Tweed
Trim and cabinets 
OC-68 Distant Gray
Lower Level Bathroom 
0884 Gold Tweed
Boy’s Bedroom 
0309 Palmetto Bluffs
Girl’s Room 
0023 Shell Tint (white) 0536 Subway (black)
Master Bedroom 
0317 Green Gold
Upper Level Bathroom 
 0317 Green Gold
Casual Office &  Family Room
0574 Shark Fin

{friday finds: ombré}

OMBRÉ– om-bray {French} for having colors or tones that shade into each other – used especially in fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

Bits and Bobs - Ombre Cakes

Jessica Sprinkel - Pretty In Pink

Attic Magazine

You’ve seen it around. Fabrics, hair, clothing, cakes, and now furniture. Doesn’t the gradation of color remind you of a paint chip? Attic Magazine has a great post showing older dressers transformed into modern beauties. A can of paint can make a room, or piece of furniture, come alive again. This is my kind of project-giving new life to an existing piece of furniture, for not a lot of money.

Here are some other fine examples of the look of ombré.

Trapped in New Jersey

Trapped in North Jersey tells how she gave her dresser the ombré look. She’s right when she said, her lighting wasn’t very good. This is the Benjamin Moore color Autumn Red 2087-40 that started the project. You can’t tell on-line but it is a very pleasing medium pink.

2087-40 Autumn Red

Madigan Made lent the ombré look to her craft storage space.

Vanni Archive-Photographers

I love the subtlety of the color gradation of the tiles.

What’s your opinion on ombré? Is there a place for the look in your home? You can certainly keep it in mind when you are out thrifting and find a piece of furniture you cannot leave behind.

{friday finds: bachman’s summer ideas house}

Living room with collage of shutters over the sofa.

What do you think of the wallpaper in the sunroom?

This is my favorite room in the house.

Master bedroom

Girl’s room – cute idea with the old window frame and the pom poms.

Countertop and backsplash from Granite Transformations.

The “keepers of the castle” posed for the camera.

Extra bundt pans? Turn them into a flower.

It was a beautiful, sunny day when I stopped by the Bachman’s Summer Ideas House this past week…finally. Since the weather has warmed up the house tour includes a back yard filled with flowers, plantings, gnomes, al fresco dining, and more. There’s a party going on in the garage and the shed has been converted into an outdoor reading and writing nook. Read the rest of this entry »

{friday finds: smart strip}

Remember stripping paint back in the day, and that oh-so-familiar burn when the remover splattered on your skin. Ooohh, now that was a burn that had staying powers. I’m sure those strippers are still available, but I don’t think we need to go there after reading this review from Janell.  Smart Strip is carried at Hirshfield’s stores, but call first if you are making a special trip to make certain they have it on hand. Smart Strip + Hirshfield’s = Success.

No projects in your future? Spend time on Janell’s blog, Isabella & Max Rooms, and you will be inspired by her creativity, good taste, and great projects.

Make certain to check out her new on-line magazine “House of Fifty.” It looks like it will be a good read.  It’s on my list of reading material for this weekend.

Did you pay attention? Brass is back.

{friday finds: bachman’s spring idea house}

Front porch favorite – bathtub turned into planter and coffee table

Master bedroom

Master bedroom vignette

Girl’s bedroom – Accent wall created with ribbon, paper flowers and thumbtacks

Close-up of DIY accent wall and stools turned into night stands

Scrapbooking room

Living Room wall

Boy’s room – too cute to be forgotten

Upper level bathroom

Kitchen looking into back hall and stairs

Dining room tablescape

Sunroom featuring on trend wallpaper pattern

Floor grates used as wall decor

This is the last weekend for the Spring Ideas House 2011 at Bachman’s on Lyndale. If you have time, rejuvenate yourself with a leisurely tour of the house, garden center, and store.

The theme of this Spring Ideas House is “European Romance.” A light, airy and refreshing antidote to our long, cold winter. The design team did a wonderful job conveying that feeling, largely in part, by the paint colors they chose. Flowers, plants, bedding, repurposed and new accessories, and fragrant lilies all add to the ambience of the house.

Once again there are many repurposed accessories mixing it up with the newbies. My favorite is the barn door/headboard in the boy’s room. I do love my barn doors used as interior features. Have you been to the Spring Ideas House? What’s your favorite feature of the house?

Bachman’s Spring Ideas House is open until Sunday, April 17, 2011. Tickets are $5 and all guests will receive a coupon for $5 off their purchase of $25 or more at Bachman’s Floral, Gift and Garden Stores. Call 612-861-7311 for tickets or order online.

Hirshfield’s and Benjamin Moore paint colors used in the home:

Front Porch
Trim 0012 Bunny Cake
Floor 0211 Light Lichen
Entry HC-80 Bleeker Beige
Living Room 0391 Crispa
Seabrook wallcovering
0398 Island Embrace
0461 Calm Breeze
Trim and cabinets 
OC-68 Distant Gray
Lower Level Bathroom 
0461 Calm Breeze
Stairwell 0
278 Barberry Sand
Boy’s Bedroom 
0462 Resting Place
Girl’s Room 
1062 Albino
Master Bedroom 
0279 Garden Country
Upper Level Bathroom 
0278 Barberry Sand
Scrapbooking Room 0
407 Vapor

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