{holiday deals: hirshfield’s labor day paint sale}

Labor Day. It’s the traditional end of summer. And the last chance to get out and have some fun — or get your projects done. That’s why we have our own tradition — Hirshfield’s Labor Day Paint Sale.


Whether you’re working inside or outside, with paint or stain, you’ll find a deal to help. Here are some of the highlights:

Hot Deals

  • Sikkens SRD Transparent Wood Finish — Save $11 on Gals. (with sale and mail-in rebate) Offer expires Oct. 15
  • Cabot Exterior Stains — Save $13 on Gals. (with sale and mail-in rebate) Offer expires Sept. 11
  • Storm Wood Care Systems — Save $9 on Gals. (with sale and mail-in rebate) Offer expires 12

Hot Deals on Hirshfield’s Paint


  • Hirshfield’s Paints Contractor Select — $22.49/Gallon
  • Hirshfield’s Premium Wash & Wear — 25% Off
  • Hirshfield’s Premium Top Scrub — 25% Off
  • Hirshfield’s Reserve Low-VOC — 30% Off
  • Hirshfield’s Ultra Premium Platinum Ceramic Low-VOC — 30% Off
  • Hirshfield’s Premium Color Max — 30 % Off


  • Hirshfield’s Ultra Premium Platinum Exterior — 30% Off
  • Hirshfield’s Premium Housecoat Series — 30% Off
  • Hirshfield’s Select 1000-Low VOC — $28.49/Gallon

Benjamin Moore Paint


  • Benjamin Moore ULTRA SPEC 500 — $30.99 (Color Club)
  • Benjamin Moore 10% off interior products


  • Benjamin Moore Premium BEN Exterior — 10% Off
  • Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium Aura-Low VOC — 10% Off

Ralph Lauren Paint

Enjoy big savings on Ralph Lauren Paints with a mail-in rebate. Save $3/quart and $15/gallon. No limit! Limited quantities as Ralph Lauren is being discontinued by the manufacturer. Rebate ends Dec., 31, 2016.

Stop by any of our Hirshfield’s location in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, but remember that the sale ends Monday.

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

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