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Where do you turn for design inspiration? Like most people, our Hirshfield’s employees turn to the internet. With the click of a mouse or the tap of a tablet, we all have instant access to the smartest ideas and latest trends.

So, the next time you’re looking for some design ideas to spark your imagination, either come down to your nearest Hirshfield’s location or check out some of our team’s favorite blogs.

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

Julia R. of Hirshfield’s Design Studio likes the look and content in Design Sponge, “I like the format,” she says. “It also has other things like DIY projects and different articles – not just about designed rooms.” Julia says blogger Grace Bonney and her contributors are really all over the board, with a huge variety of different kinds of people with widely varying viewpoints and experiences. “I also like Apartment Therapy and My Scandinavian Home,” she says.

Adventures in Decorating

Adventures in Decorating

Adventures in Decorating

Kelly L. of Hirshfield’s Ramsey likes Adventures in Decorating. “Becca likes a clean and fresh-looking decor,” she says. “She changes her rooms seasonally so it’s fun to see the changes. She’s very creative with her vignettes and I like how she uses unique and ‘found’ items in her posts.”

Ana White


Ana White

Ana White is known for her DIY construction projects, including tiny houses, furniture and more. In Ana’s words, she tries to “keep it simple, maximize material use and minimize waste, and use basic tools – but still build something of quality and for keeps.” Beth Z. from Hirshfield’s Woodbury follows Ana’s blog because, “she includes instructions for all her projects, and she builds awesome projects!

House of Turquoise

House of Turquise

House of Turquoise

Like many people, Carrie C. of Hirshfield’s Lakeville is a fan of House of Turquoise. “I like the beautiful photos Erin uses in her blog posts,” she says, “and a number of the products Hirshfield’s carries can be found on her blog: wallpaper, paint colors, window treatments, and fabrics.”

Other Favorites

Hirshfield’s Shop at Home’s designer Judy C. gets most of her inspiration from magazines and other trade subscriptions, including Design Resource, Vision Window Fashion, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home. Houzz and Pinterest are also go-to sites for most of our decor people.

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  1. Erin {House of Turquoise} Says:

    I’m so excited that House of Turquoise was included! Thank you Carrie!! 🙂

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