{friday finds: bright lights from high point}

If one theme dominated light fixtures at High Point Market for Spring 2016, it was gold. “Lots of gold, larger in scale, and somewhat organic,” said Kathy Basil, part of our three visitor team from Hirshfield’s Design Resource.


In fact, Kathy saw so many of the glamorous gold/organic combos that she tried to coin a term for the new look in light fixtures. “Maybe we’ll call it orglamic,” she joked, “or maybe not.”

All kidding aside, Kathy said statement pendants were the top lighting trend at High Point. “Larger scale statement pendants,” that definitely fit that glam/organic theme. “Gold was definitely the finish we saw the most — many embellished with rose quartz, alabaster, and a variety of agates.”


Our team is still raving about the gold pendants in the picture above, and this trio of luxurious chandeliers simply screams of opulence. Imagine the soft shadows these pendants can cast in a room when the rest of the lights are dimmed or turned off.


Yet it was a more understated combination of nature and glamor that really caught Kathy’s eye. “I just love this natural quartz desk lamp by Kelly Wearstler,” she gushed, “it’s absolutely amazing!”


Our team previously reported on the interior design trends they spotted at High Point, including “power clashing” colors, pretty pinks, mixed metals and luxurious velvets. For the full story and pictures, click here.

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