{5 tips for updating or freshening up your entryway}

The entryway creates your guests’ first impression of your home. But it’s also one of the smallest parts of your home — usually too small for much furniture or many accessories.

So, how do you freshen it up when  you want to make a different impression? It’s all about the finishes. Here are 5 great ways to give your entryway a facelift.

2014 Parade Home

Credit: Joe Carrick Design

 Keep it Light and Bright

Elsie Larson took her entryway from drab to fab by painting her door a happy pastel and adding a bright metallic wallpaper on the walls. Since the wallpaper is mostly white, her hallway feels airy and open rather than dark or cramped.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Credit: Elsie Larson | A Beautiful Mess

Note: Bright and white walls look best in sunny rooms. If your entry is more of a hallway than a foyer, grab some medium tones or shimmery samples, too — they might look better in your lighting.

Bookend with Bold Color

Sage Ruth lightened-up her entryway by painting it white, but added bright pops of blue on both ends of the hallway (she painted her door blue, too!). I love the pop of pattern on the steps themselves—like a contemporary twist on a stair runner.

Fun fact: Sage decided to use fabric rather than wallpaper for her steps, but either would work! She could’ve also used fabric or wallpaper on the back of her shelves.

The trick for this look is to stay monochromatic. Choose paint and patterns in one color to get the bookend effect.

Add Some Texture to Your Ceiling

Now that you’re thinking about applying color onto different surfaces like stairs and bookcases, why not apply texture instead? Why not apply it to your ceiling? The 2015 ASID home did just that. The grasscloth ceiling accentuates the gorgeous chandelier and ties into the natural wood tones in the furniture, floor, and stair railing.

Renae Keller Interior Design

Renae Keller Interior Designs – ASID Showcase Home 2015

Rethink Stripes

Stripes can be versatile: vertical, horizontal, traditional, contemporary, warm, cool.  Bold, blue-and-white stripes may sound like something for sailors, but this preppy Harlem apartment keeps its stripes from going too nautical by adding red and gold accessories.

Harlem Apartment - Hall

Credit: Scheer & Co.

If that’s too bold, this London flat goes for softer stripes in the foyer.
Credit: Sarah Richardson Design

Credit: Stacey Brandford and Sarah Richardson Design

Bring the outdoors in

This Austrian home brings an outdoor feel to the entryway (even without the coats) by choosing the wildly popular Woods wallpaper. It looks a bit like Narnia — or possibly just a winter day here in the midwest.

Credit: Design Sponge

Credit: Sandra Haischberger | Design Sponge

A decorator favorite is a single, large, brilliant green stem in a large vase. Simple. Striking. Versatile. A simple vase and stem freshen up any space and make it feel au courant.

If you’re more into abstract or modern art than representational, cover your accent wall with a geometric pattern instead. There’s no escaping the daring (and totally awesome) geometric wall in this Denver home.

7th Avenue Parkway Contemporary Remodel

Credit: Gruber Home Remodeling

Which of these entryway updates is your favorite? What kind of style would you go for?  We have the paints and wallpapers to make them all come true at our Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

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