{friday finds: she shed ideas we absolutely love}

It’s no wonder “She Sheds” have become so popular – they are the ultimate personal retreat or workshops spaces, right in your own backyard.

Credit: Hometalk.com

Credit: Hometalk.com

The functions are endless. You can use one as a studio for art, crafts, or sewing, let it double as a guest house, turn it into an outdoor living room, or make it your office!

The forms are endless, too. Here are some of our favorite ideas for designing your own She Shed.

Letting the Light Shine In

Credit: The Painted Home

Credit: The Painted Home

To maximize light in a small space, swap out the barn doors with French doors (or leave them open), install a skylight or two, and paint the interior a bright white. The light will shine in, bounce off the white walls, and fill the space — no need for electric lighting on a sunny day! Add some color with accessories, furniture, and a bright rug.

Keeping It Country

Credit: The Painted Home

Credit: The Painted Home

Rather than refinish the walls of an existing building, why not leave them and repurpose some frames, shelves, and art from your house? Simply hang them from the studs, like Denise Sabia (The Painted Home) did to convert her garage into a hangout. To make your space more inviting, include a daybed like shown or reupholster an old sofa in a contemporary or colorful look.

Injecting Some Color

Credit: SF Girl By Bay

Credit: SF Girl By Bay

This quaint English cottage inspires by using modern colors to highlight its old shed charm. To get the look, install trim at ceiling height and finish the walls below the trim in a soft color. Install stained glass or hang stained-glass art from the window frame. Choose accessories and furniture in natural materials like wood or wicker, and limit the color scheme to white, wood, and your wall color for a calming atmosphere. For a more contemporary but still pastel look, plaster the walls to remove seams, and play around with the colors.

Going All Natural

Credit: House Beautiful

Credit: House Beautiful

Talk about outdoor glamor. This She Shed was rebuilt using salvaged windows and a new tempered-glass roof, letting Mother Nature provide the color and light. And we love those ritzy chandeliers. Sleeping in here would be the ultimate glamping (glamorous camping) experience. Can you imagine lying on that bed during a rainstorm.

She Shed Tarrytowne Paint Benjamin Moore

Suzanne Hudson’s She Shed – Paint color is Tarrytown Green HC-134 by Benjamin Moore

Bachman’s Ideas House Fall 2015

Bachman's Ideas House

Bachman's She Shed 2015

The outbuilding at the Bachman’s Fall Ideas House 2015 was transformed into a magical getaway. Imagine the space in the evening with the lights softly shining through the netting. You’d be the envy of all who passed by!

Don’t have a shed? Get inspired by the tiny-house trend and maximize your indoor space with double-duty functions. The ladder to your loft could double as a bookshelf. Create seating from a storage bench by adding an upholstered cushion. Involve your kids in the decision by letting them choose a playful wallpaper or paint color for their loft. However you decide to customize your space, Hirshfield’s is there to help you make it your own.

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

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