{friday finds: 8 tips for your outdoor christmas decorations}

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as Christmas lights reflecting off of the winter’s first blanket of snow. So, to make sure your home is prepared, inside and out, for the Holiday Season, here are 8 great tips for outdoor Christmas decorations.

1. Make Christmas Light Balls

Credit: Christmas Lights, Etc.

Credit: Christmas Lights, Etc.

If you have a home full of little ones, or even just a love for whimsical Christmas décor, try these DIY Christmas light balls to go in the yard. They resemble large ornaments and can be made in any color you choose. Find out how to make them Here.

2. Use Mason Jars

Credit: All Things Heart and Home

Credit: All Things Heart and Home

This simple look is beautiful and classy—and so easy to make! Mason jars are so trendy right now, and this hanging mason jar chandelier is the perfect simple alternative to hanging lights everywhere outside. Choose whatever color of light you want, and the burlap can be exchanged for colorful ribbon. Get creative with this simple DIY outdoor décor.

3. Dangle Lights from a Tree

Credit: xxx

Credit: Small Garden Ideas

Instead of wrapping your lights tediously around the tree, why not hang them for this beautiful effect. Just imagine how magical this would look after a fresh snowfall!

4. Ornaments Outdoors

Credit: Real House Design

Credit: Real House Design

Why limit ornaments to your indoor Christmas tree? These huge ornaments are bold and fun, and they make a drab, leafless tree look holiday-ready.

5. Wreath

Credit: Whispering Welcome

Credit: Whispering Welcome

This wreath is beautiful and chic, and not only is perfect for the Christmas season, but all throughout winter. Either buy your own or go to your local craft store to create one. The fun in creating one is you can make it as simple or as whimsical as you’d like.

6. Decorate with Pool Noodles

Credit: Sweet Pickins Furniture

Credit: Sweet Pickins Furniture

This innovative idea uses pool noodles to create a larger than life wreath for either outdoors or indoors! Choosing colorful, fun ornaments like those shown above, or gold and silver ornaments can make for a simple and elegant large wreath. Consider adding lights to make this wreath even more eye-popping!

7. Set Up Signs

Credit: At The Picket Fence

Credit: At The Picket Fence

Signs are simple to set up and simple to put away which makes them a great decoration for outdoors. If you have the time and penmanship, you can even make your own!

8. Decorate with Lanterns


This is a creative way to use lanterns that you may already have! What’s great about this project is that you can include any color scheme you desire, and add fun lights for décor that will light up the night. These are great for both indoor and outdoor Christmas decorating, and are a quick and easy project for any home or apartment.

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    Love the tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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