{6 unique DIY christmas tree ideas for 2015}

Late November marks the time when many families begin to decorate their homes for Christmas. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, these are some DIY takes on the traditional Christmas tree that will wow your friends and neighbors.

Papier-Mâché  Snowman

Credit: Available Ideas Blog

Credit: Available Ideas Blog

This funky snowman tree is an easy, hassle-free alternative to hanging hundreds of ornaments. This tree is especially fun for the kids, and if there’s a lack of snow around Christmas Day, then this snowman will fill the void. All you need is a white tree, some branches, a scarf, a hat, and papier–mâché to make your one-of-a-kind snowman head! It’s simple, easier to clean up, and is a fun and exciting twist on the traditional tree.

Tree of Lights

Credit: Architecture Art Designs

Credit: Architecture Art Designs


If you have a small space such as an apartment or loft, this fun Christmas tree idea keeps the height of a traditional tree as well as holiday spirit. It also has a quick and easy set up/clean up. This string of lights tree also saves floor space, so even if you’re dealing with a small room, you can still enjoy the holidays without the fuss of a tree overtaking your living space.

Fishin’ for Fun

Credit: Not Martha

Credit: Not Martha

These modern trees are made with fishing line and ornaments. The trees are sleek and impressive, and will definitely be the talk of holiday parties. Get as creative as you’d like by hanging different colored ornaments, or even using your favorite handmade or family ornaments that usually adorn your tree.

2-D Tree

Credit: The Photographers Wife

Credit: The Photographers Wife

We love the idea of having another tree for your little Christmas helper. This felt tree is simple, inexpensive, fun, and safe. This can be an addition to the traditional tree, or if your little one has a hard time keeping his or her hands off of your natural Christmas tree, this can be a fill-in for a couple of years.

Reading Tree

Credit: My Modern Met

Credit: My Modern Met

For the bookworm or teacher, this is a clever alternative to the traditional tree. It’s colorful, inexpensive (if you have a large collection of books), and a guaranteed conversation starter. There is no limit on height or size, and you can get as creative as you want with lights, garland, and colors.

Decorate a Ladder

Credit: Tattered Style

Credit: Tattered Style

And finally, a DIY trend that’s all over the internet — so why not try it in your home? Decorate your ladder for a funky, Christmas work of art! Easy set up, and easy clean up, too!

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