{window treatments for tricky bay windows}

Window Treatment Wednesday: How to Choose Window Treatments for Custom Windows

Unusual window shapes and configurations can add a customized feel to your home, but they create special challenges when shopping for window treatments. Hirshfield’s Shop at Home Designer Kathryn Gravening specializes in working with clients in their homes to find solutions to any number of home décor challenges, including how to best dress tricky bay windows. With their three sides, and variations in depth, angle and dimensions, Kathryn says her number one concern is understanding the client’s goal.

Hirshfield's Bay Windows 2

“Privacy is one of the most important concerns for homeowners who seek help with window treatments,” says Kathryn. “Aesthetic beauty and energy efficiency also top the list as objectives for window coverings.”

Window treatments offer a number of benefits, and Kathryn emphasizes it’s the customer who dictates what type of window treatment solution she will recommend.

Hirshfield's Bay Windows 3

Know Your Objective

  • Privacy – does your window overlook a busy street, park or a neighbor’s window?
  • Light Control – consider how bright sunlight can affect your hardwood floors, carpeting and artwork.
  • Aesthetics – what look are you trying to achieve?


Hirshfield's Bay Windows 1


Bay Window Challenges

In order to keep the integrity of bay windows, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of fabric and blinds.

Bay windows are usually angular, and the biggest challenge when considering a hard treatment like blinds is the headrail, which includes the gears and mechanisms. The bigger the headrail, the bigger the gape at the top of the window.

  • Wood blinds are a good option, however you may face stacking issues at the top of the window when the blinds are open.
  • Cellular Shades stack tighter and offer more sunlight.
  • Fabric drapery can be bulky when open, resulting in loss of sunlight.

A Solution

  • Fabric and Shades.

An option that helps alleviate some of the headrail and stacking concerns is a good mix of both fabric and shades. Kathryn says using fabric as side panels and utilizing blinds on the interior window allows in light, offers privacy, and can be customized to fit well with design elements. Kathryn says “top down, bottom up” cellular shades are an excellent choice as well as roller shades that offer both privacy and sun screening.

Hirshfield's Bay Windows 4

When it comes to finding solutions, Hirshfield’s has the products. “We can customize valances, cornices, and even bend custom rods to perfectly fit any window of any size,” adds Kathryn. “I love working with a client to understand their objective and coming up with solutions, whether it’s custom drapery, upholstery or bringing fabric into the home.”

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

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